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Random MISSION Conditions:


01:         Security is recklessly low

02-09:    Security is low

10-19:    Job requires a rare piece of equipment

20-29:    Target is not what it appears

30 -39:   Target has been moved

40-49:    A flaw effects one of the Acolytes

50-70:    Nothing special happens

71-75:    AdMech gets involved with the job

76-79:    AdTelepathica gets involved with the job

80-89:    A perk aids one of the Acolytes

90-95:    Security is high

96-99:    Security is paranoid

100:        A rival is somehow involved


I got this from here: http://solutioncat.tumblr.com/post/65271286394/shadowrun-5th-edition-random-events




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