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Dornian Heresy?

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Hi fellow game masters.

I fell recently on the Dornian Heresy (here is the link: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/forum/181-the-dornian-heresy/)which is an alternative 40k universe where Dorn was the archeheretic and all the other loyalist legions became the traiter legions, while the traitor legions stayed true to the Emperor.


The universe is nice because it retains many of its original flavour, while being totally different. Some treason by some primarchs are not as good as others, but some others are just perfectly nice and interesting.


I must say that in this universe, Chaos has a weaker grip on the universe (in my opinion), but it is still very interesting.


My question is: do some of you use material from this alternate universe in your games? Many texts in the Dornian Heresy make mentions of warp rifts where people from one universe come into contact with people of the other, and crap happens. I'm thinking that, one day, I'll use fragments of this alternate universe in the actual 40k setting of my DH campaign, but wanted to know if some other people thought about it.



I would go with things like the Black Templars (Post Heresy Sons of Horus) getting in the 40k universe and meeting the Black Templars of the Imperial Fist, both not understanding who they are and the situation at risk of descending into war and madness while two legions loyal to the Emperor think they are servants of two traitor legions.

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