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Armada Team Tournament - Vassal

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With the repeatedly stabbed corpse of Madaghmire finally beginning to cool and show signs of rigor-mortis, and the non-stop circle-jerk of Clontroper5 beginning to show signs of slowing down. It must be time to start the next tournament!

Because regular tournaments are boring, and I like doing different things, we're going to do a brief, 3 round, TEAM TOURNAMENT!

When do we Start?

Signups will be set, and the first round of play will begin on Tuesday March 1st, 12:00 noon (EST) / 5:00pm (GMT).


There will be three players per team, with one being the Team Captain.

Rules being used for construction of lists and questions throughout the game will be based on the most recent FAQ and Tournament Rules.

400 points total maximum for each list, with 3 lists being submitted - one assigned to each player on the team, with a maximum of 1/3 (134 pts) of the list being squadrons. Each player must have one of each type of objective (Offensive / Defensive / Navigation) which they can keep secret until the tournament begins. Once the pod pairings have been posted, no team may edit their list in any way - any player that attempts to do so will be disqualified.

There will be a bit longer of a round for this tournament, due to the unique nature of team play. Because of this, rounds will last for 10 days - 3 days will be used for team captains to set opponents and schedule games, and then the usual week to play the games. This 3 day scheduling period may be increased if we need to do so.

Upon being matched up against another team, the Team Captain of the team (TEAM A) with the lowest total Point Cost of each team (defined as the sum total of each player's list in points) will choose the first list to offer to the other team. That other Team Captain (TEAM B) will then select one of his team's lists to play that list. Then the TEAM A will be able to assign their teams remaining lists to TEAM B's remaining lists, resulting in pairings for all players. It will then be incumbent upon each player to contact their opponent and schedule a time to play, posting that time in this thread.

If a player does not show up for the scheduled time, they automatically forfeit the match and give a 8 tournament point / 129 MOV win to their opponent. If neither player are able to find a time they would be able to play within the time frame, they both suffer a 4 tournament point loss.


Your signup post for a team should look something like this:

Team Name: Steel Armada


Me - Team Captain - EST (-5 GMT)

Audere1882 - EST (-5 GMT)

Dab Darklighter - EST (-5 GMT)

**My List Here**

**Audere's List Here**

**Dab's List Here**

I Don't Have A Team!

You've got plenty of time to make one! Post in this thread that you are interested, and that you're looking to get into a team. Hell, post that you're willing to be a Team Captain if that sounds fun. Team Captains that need players can pick you up, or you can grab some other guys that are looking and make your own.

Additional Thoughts:

There hasn't been any issues with games needing a live TO to rule on things before, don't let this tournament be the one it starts. Figure out any issues that arise in the game among yourselves - ask any folks watching along for help if needed. I'll be watching the games that I can, and even streaming a few! Remember Rule #1 of Star Wars Miniatures Gaming - "Fly Casual".

If there's something that you see that needs addressed, please bring it to my attention. I can't fix issues that I don't know about.

Because this is going to be a little bit crazy, I won't be playing and will be available to help facilitate making things work (and stream some games). So don't ask me to be on your team.

Hastily Added Addendum Rules:

Each team may, if they so choose, substitute in one (1) "alternate" in one game per team matchup. This can be used to replace a regular team member, but only if that team member is unable to schedule their game. The "alternate" must use the list of the team member they are replacing. The use of an "alternate" must be announced when the game is officially scheduled in the thread. Any player not currently on a team can be brought in as an "alternate", but can only play in one game per round. Once a player plays as an "alternate" for any team, they are not permitted to play for any other team for the remainder of the tournament, though they can play as an "alternate" for the same team once more.

All games will default to being played with Armada Vassal Module 2.1.5. However players can play with the 2.1.6 Beta Module provided that they discuss and agree to playing it prior to the start of play.

Want some practice before the tournament? Got Facebook? Check out this thread!

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Check out the Score Sheet.


Players and Observers - vote for a Tournament MVP!


Final Round Deadline is Sunday April 10th at 23:59 GMT


Round Three Matchups:


Chaos Shanghied vs Bacta the Future
Captain ICT vs Zanos - Zanos Wins!  1 - 9, 277 MOV
Chilligan vs Madagmire - Sunday 10th @ 1000 EDT / 1400 GMT
Green Knight vs JJs Juggernaut - JJs Wins!  2 - 8, 185 MOV
Church of Rocco vs The Vanguard
Reath vs Moodswing - Reath wins!  10 - 0, 488 MOV
Swagrendar vs CaribbeanNinja - Swagrendar wins!  10 - 0, 420 MOV
Jarenis vs Miferr - Jarenis Wins!  9 - 1, 306 MOV
Full Jar Jar vs Objectionable Content
Matt Shadowlord vs Contentious Objector - Matt Wins!  7 - 3, 128 MOV
Doobleg vs MoffZen Dorrin314??? - Sunday 10th @ 0700 GMT
Miedomeda vs PT106 - Saturday 9th @ 1500 GMT
Hammers of Kuat vs SUCKITIMPS
Onca vs Truthiness - Onca Wins!  8 - 2, 184 MOV
Clontroper5 vs Thanosazlin - Clontroper5 Wins!  6 - 4, 66 MOV
Pilot vs Maturin - Maturin Wins!  1 - 9, 253 MOV
Alamo City Fleet vs First Time Vassalers
Cutter9999 vs Dorrin314 - Dorrin314 Wins!  0 - 10, 394 MOV
DourPrize vs Ianediger - DourPrize Wins!  10 - 0, 387 MOV
Ardaedhel vs Skycake - Skycake Wins!  0 - 10, 364 MOV
Alderaan Choices vs BYE
24 points & 367 MOV




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I'd really like to play, however...


1) I've never played Armada before I've never used Vassal before

2) Still fairly new to Armada, only started in November

3) I'd probably let my team down, best to play a vassal comp first by myself.

4) Not got a lot of time at the moment

5) I'd like to get to know vassal before starting a tournament

6) Live in the UK


So I'll definitely follow this Tournament, but maybe not play this time.


There may be a next time though.

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I am going to be a team Captain and I am looking for anyone interested in joining me.

Requirements for joining my team:

- must be a loyal Imperial Citizen (No rebel scum here)

- commitment to play all of your games (sometimes its not going to happen but you must Try)

- a familiarity with vassal OR a desire to learn (it really doesn't take long, I can teach you)

- a Strong Desire to Eradicate the Galaxy of Rebel Scum

***Team formed***

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Can I sign up as an alternate? My schedule is somewhat limited (has to start after 2100 PST) and I don't want to bring down my team if I'm not able to show up for a round. Of course, this is still a better choice than not having a full team! So if the number of sign-ups isn't a multiple of 3, then feel free to recruit me. I fight for the Rebellion, by the way.

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