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The primitive quality.

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Hello. I had a simple question today regarding how the primitive quality works following a discussion with another player today.


In DH2e, BC and OW, the quality states "When rolling for damage with these weapons, any die result greater than the number in parentheses (X) counts as that number instead." and goes on to give an example. Now, one side of this argument seemed to be of the belief that because it does not state when this quality comes in to play that it applies against completely unarmored opponents as well, with the idea that even against a nude opponent you would (potentially) dealing reduced damage.


This did not seem to logically follow, for in DH1e, RT and DW it described the interaction between a primitive weapon and modern armor, doubling the armor's AP against a primitive weapon and as such, I believe he is arguing RAW over RAI.


Could I get some clarification on how this quality works? Does it apply against even unarmored opponents?

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