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Well, I'm interested...maybe

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Hi, All! Ran loads of 1st and 2nd ed. WFRP over the years. It's been a favorite for a long time, with only Call of Cthulhu beating it out for my #1 favorite RPG!

Initially, my response to the new v. 3 was...meh. Looked like an upgraded Descent or somesuch. I've looked at the combat examples and the video intro and now I'm...intrigued. 

Here's my question...scenarios. I generally don't take the time to design my own and usually depend on published stuff. What's the outlook for published scenarios for v.3? In addition, what's the likelihood of being able to convert older adventures to the new format? On the surface, it seems like that would be tons of work, if not downright "un-doable".

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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 Checkout the Combat 103 diary for a complete example of combat


The other two diaries (101 and 102) deal with turn structure and initiative.

As far as conversion, the systems are very different. I don't think it would be any more difficult than converting any scenario from one system to another, and maybe easier since the storyline concepts don't need to change (only the stats and the challenge concepts).

I've been working on converting a few of my scenarios over to V3. I've had to stop, since there's a lot I don't know about the rules yet, but what I've found is the scenario actually seems a bit more fun. For example:

In my scenario 'Chance Encounter' the players meet a Dwarf named Chance deep in his cups. In the V2 version, the players (and Chance) had to make a series of toughness tests as they tried to ply Chance with beer to get him to talk about the treasure he's been mumbling about. It's a standard challenge, fail too many times and he (or they) pass out. The negative modifiers for drinking add up as the contest continues.

This is a fun challenge. I've used it a few times in my V2 games with great success. Everyone has a great time.

In V3 I juiced it up a bit. I plan to build a "T" shaped track, out on the table where the players can see it. The horizontal track is 8 pieces long with 3 dividers and represents the players progress in talking to Chance. There are social tests (and toughness tests) along the way. Successes move the counter across the track. When the dividers are reached there is boxed text as Chance advances the story. The vertical track represents Chances drunkenness. Failures move the token down on the vertical track. When spacers are reached, there are events like projectile vomiting or Chance getting up on the table to sing and drawing attention to the party, and finally a drunken coma. The players can help their chances on the horizontal debate track by buying Chance beer, but it hurts their chances on the (smaller) vertical drunk track.

This is not a pass/fail test. The game continues no matter what the results are, it just continues in different directions (depending on how much information the players get out of Chance).

I have a similar challenge for the players searching for a room during the festival the players find themselves embroiled in. It went from a few simple tests to an elaborate encounter with lots of fun events! This challenge involves a horizontal track with a vertical track going down at the end of the track. Successes move the counter across the horizontal track, failures move the token up the vertical track at the end. Which ever reaches the end token first determines the outcome.

I think the addition of this challenge format is the biggest change when converting scenarios. Everything is is just stat blocks. Of course you could just stick with pass/fail single roll challenges (like most in challenges in typical scenarios), but where's the fun in that?  :)

So, no, it's not impossible, and in my opinion, quite the opposite. I had a blast designing the encounters. They went from 'roll offs' to fun mini-games. The biggest challenge is not putting too many of them in the scenario :)

Edit: Oh, and welcome. Hope you like the new system.

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Usualy I have found adventures arent that difficuilt to alter, since the story is often not mechanics dependant.

Most of the time is simply suplementing the old system's (the one its written for) creature, task resolution or whatever other mechanic for the equivlent new one (the system you want to use).

Major NPCs are typically better to be written up again for the new system, using the old one as a guide.

If the systems are a different style (typically the cinematic level) then some balancing will need to be done to make it an apropiate challenge.

While lastly some minor tweaks will be needed.

So so long as you have a reasonable grasp on both systems the changes realy arent all that difficuilt, though they may still be time consuming.

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