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Best/Worst Heroes and Classes

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2 hours ago, Vancheng said:

it would be fun to test combo like Grey Ker Monk + Spiritspeaker - he can start trun, refresh Mist card, then bypass turn, and in the end exhaust it again, making Mist last continuosly without making heroes suffer its effect

Tested already. It is indead strong but he does nothing more and is almost useless since nothing really combine with him as a monk shaman. Basically he will just take his turn, refresh his card, do a rest action, then take his turn later and redo Mist. Boring.

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I really enjoyed playing Tahlia as a Berserker. The Berserker has the most readily available multi-attack skill (Whirlwind) and it was very useful, effectively giving her free move actions many times in my campaign.

During lulls in combat... my word she was slow.

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On 2/13/2019 at 8:22 PM, Taear said:

Every Mage and Scout Class - I'm discounting Runemaster and Shadow Warrior here. Treasure Hunter is great when you're playing normally and need those search cards. In the app search cards are almost meaningless which really shoots the TH in the foot. Thief is a weaker version of the TH already so that goes out of the window. Wildlander is very much a one trick pony and doesn't work as well in the app as it does in the real game.

The mages that summon things to mess around are mostly just in the way because in the app doing loads of damage is way more important. 

I disagree a bit. We played a Challara/Geomancer once in RtL - he did miracles with his little 'army' of stones and Brightblaze. Tons of attacks were soaked up by her stones and with some clever positioning she was able to channel/block/slow down the monsters a lot.

Search cards are not the same in the app indeed but we were ok to open up some of the tokens with 12, sometimes 20 gold rewards - and stamina potion could help you out still. Thief can open doors free - that's also very useful trick in RtL.

I have to praise the Hexer too. It's not that direct than a runemaster that's true, but can shine when it comes to teamwork. Preparing some big blows to others for some huge enemies or just simply boost the defense with a black dice when it's critical - it could save lifes an morale. And more fun to play than just simply do the same thing every turns - blast-blast, recover fatigue, do it again. We played a Sir Valadir/Steelcaster/Hexer combination - it was all fun, he always had an extra surge when dices were not enough (once per turn is more than enough). With a Staff of the Wild he become even more deadly with tons of options for the surges.



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I recently played most of a Seeds of Corruption campaign solo. One of my character choices was Quellen the Geomancer (normally I’m not a fan of most of the out-of-the-box pairings, but these two pair nicely).

The Geomancer’s free surges when attacking monsters adjacent to stones is an absurdly powerful ability that he has right from the start.

Quaking Word + the surge from the stones quickly became very powerful, often used in coordination with hero positioning to prevent the Changling group from attacking.

The fourth story quest


used two separate maps with green objective tokens, or “rifts” linking the two (Spend a movement point while adjacent to one rift to place your figure adjacent to the other).

Quellen was able to use Ways of Stone to warp between the two maps very freely, almost anywhere he liked instead of being restricted to the two rifts.

It was a good experience, although it takes so much fatigue.

I am pretty excited for the new mage and healer classes, although I worry about the power levels.

On paper (based only on the revealed skills, obviously) the Soul Reaper looks decent in the coop mode and rather weak against an OL.

The Elementalist looks very strong all around (Grasp and Gust are eyebrow-raising- granted, Grasp can’t stun as many monsters as Quaking Word, but Quaking Word has direct counterplay and takes more setup)

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