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Best/Worst Heroes and Classes

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2 hours ago, Vancheng said:

it would be fun to test combo like Grey Ker Monk + Spiritspeaker - he can start trun, refresh Mist card, then bypass turn, and in the end exhaust it again, making Mist last continuosly without making heroes suffer its effect

Tested already. It is indead strong but he does nothing more and is almost useless since nothing really combine with him as a monk shaman. Basically he will just take his turn, refresh his card, do a rest action, then take his turn later and redo Mist. Boring.

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I really enjoyed playing Tahlia as a Berserker. The Berserker has the most readily available multi-attack skill (Whirlwind) and it was very useful, effectively giving her free move actions many times in my campaign.

During lulls in combat... my word she was slow.

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