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Magnus Maximus

Question about Doors

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I just got DQ a few days ago. Have played twice and had a great time. I'm a huge fan of games like Talisman, so DQ is right up my alley.


I do have a basic question about doors.


In my solo game last night, I managed to get near the treasure chamber. The hall leading into it was blocked by a door. I drew a door card per the rules, got into the treasure chamber, and managed to grab a few baubles without waking the dragon. On my next turn, I decided to exit the treasure chamber the same way I entered.


Should I have drawn another door card? Or do you only draw them when the leaving the actual tile that has the door printed on it?



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They used a new term in this edition named a "hall", which is the interconnection between 2 tiles.


So for instance in a hall, there are maximum 2 doors (two tiles having a door and the door is shared). If the hall contains at LEAST one door (either side), then you have to draw a door card for it.


In case of 2 doors in a hall, it's basically the same door so you only draw 1 card for it.


So yes, you should have drawn a door card.

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