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Which bot with Corran?

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Flew Corran last night for first time, and oh boy is he becoming a favorite! Just not sure which bot to put with him. I won two games last night, running Corran with 2 Bwings. My brother and I were just messing around testing new lists. Corran did massive damage with Marksmanship. In one round I did 1 crit + 3 hits, twice! Was playing against a Kath scum build , and 7 damage to Kath, with one being Ship crit to reduce agility was awesome. Bwings finished her off next round. Marksmanship and Corran are a match made in heaven! Love it!



EI + FCS + Marksmanship + (insert bot here)


1) BB8

Ewings have great greens to pair with BB8 so you can BR and move within range. And with EI, Corran could BR, marksmanship, move, then take action (evade for defense), and not be stressed.


2) R2 Astromech

Cheapy, but it opens up Corrans moves after I BR and marksmanship getting a stressed.


3) R2-D2

After stress, gain a shield, or after Corrans second attack, fly off and regen while you cant attack.



Gives Corran a little boost ability if he is in an enemy's arc.


Played one game with R2 astro, and another with R7-T1. R2 astro came in handy once, when I was stressed and had to do a hard 2. With R7-T1, I never used him in that game, because Corran ran into a Conner Net and died in Round 4, but I actually was going to use him at that moment to arc dodge, had it not been for a **** conner net I forgot Kath had, lol. I did a 2 green bank into it, had I of had BB8 on board, I could have BR first and dodged the net. Having R2D2 would be nice as well, because after Corrans second attack, I can run away and regen from those **** TLTs.


Suggestions? I didnt run against any aces, so Im worried about not having boost. And TLT shredded me two straight rounds (only managing to block 1 of four attacks), so a little defense may be in order.


I ran Corran with two Bwings


First game:

Blue Sqd x 2

Ion Cannon + Tactician


This didnt work out so well. I never Ion'd anyone thanks to awesome die rolling by yours truly, and only stressed 1 opponent. Bwings didnt do hardly any damage from me rolling blank, blank, hit from range 3 all game. Corran did all the work. 


Second Game

Blue Sqd x 2

Accuracy Correctors + Fletchette Torps


This worked MUCH better. Accuracy correctors were a big FU to the dice. I rolled blank, blank, focus and said "F. You dice" and cancelled em for two hits. Plus, having accuracy correctors lets the Bwings do BRs without much care for focus/TL, making them a bit more maneuverable. Got one Torp off and stressed Palob. Corran died in this game, but I won with both Bwings still alive and kicking.

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Maybe try a R5-P9 bot?

It won't work if you burn your focus. But if you can keep your focus then you get a shield back. So as long you take 2 hits or less you would be able to Regen shields while running away from skirmish and not have to worry about green maneuvers.

I am going to try Corran with PTL. So I can either Target lock, Focus and then PTL to evade. If I focus, evade it will require 3 hits to cause one damage. Have to avoid focus fire.

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Corran is expensive when loaded. Expensive paints a massive target on his ship, especially with his double tap pilot ability. He is also very good at disengaging once damaged or when he double tapped last turn (hence unable to shoot the turn he disengages). Regen is a very powerful tool and 99% of competitive build Corrans follow this theory. While builds for him do vary a lot, R2D2 is almost mandatory.

You picked this out in your summary but maybe don't realise just how powerful the combo is. BB8 is great for shenanigans but if you had the two facing off I know which my money would be on.

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R2-D2 is the most sensible option and arguably the only option in a competitive environment.

However, Corran with PTL, R2 astro, FCS and engine upgrade is great fun, but also the ultimate glass cannon!

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I must confess to using Nathan's list in my competitive games - I love small ships and Corran is great fun. So, I run the 'standard' build:


Corran Horn



Engine Upgrade



Corran is usually a prime target, so takes hits quickly, but R2D2 let's him build his shields back up very effectively, particularly as you are usually only doing green moves to clear the stress from PLT. But the engine upgrade and PLT let's you either avoid arc via boost and barrel roll, or turtle up through focus/evade, to give you time to fly around and reengage. One on one, Corran is very hard to kill. 


The other week, flying against a fairly skilled player, Poe and my A-wing died very early, but through his sheer durability, some fortunate dice rolls (and some pretty good flying), Corran killed Palob, Kath and Kavil all on his ownsome. He's awesome, as long as you can keep him alive through the early game. He's the Soontir of Rebels IMO, in that he is the first ship targeted, because people want him dead - gotta keep him alive through that!

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