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Of course, I do the same thing with any items gifted via Deus Ex Machina.  If they want to keep the item(s) around after the scene in question, they need to spend the actual resources on it.  You can justify it however you want (filters for the re-breathers, restocking the med kit), but the end result should still be credits spent in order to list new assets on the sheet.



And see, that's a totally reasonable thing. If I want to keep the Sonic Screwdriver beyond that one encounter/instance/adventure, I should probably lay out some credits for it. Even as someone who is about to take the talent, I have no issue with this.


I was attempting a bit of tongue in cheek humor, since a GM arbitrarily killing players with lightning bolts via DPs is also a breach of the social contract.


Son, this is the internet! You should know better by now that humor/sarcasm comes over terrible through a text medium.


As for the lightning bolts? I've seen some tables where this level of response is a typical occurrence from the GM . . . .


I actually have a player wanting to be a gadgeteer/MacGuyver style of character, so at some point this may be very relevant to my own campaign.



I cant wait to get a look at the Signature Ability where The Professor can repair a radio with a couple of coconuts. That is going to be a BOSS ability. . . .

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I would hope that Common Sense would dictate that you can't do that. I certainly wouldn't try as a player and I wouldn't allow it as a GM. (but sadly as we've seen in other threads, Common Sense is an uncommon super power).


Did you just make Common Sense a new Talent?  Or maybe a Signature Ability?.......I was just thinking, since you capitalized it......

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