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Changing defenders

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I think your preference for brevity is to the detriment of us actually understanding your exact problem. Since I'm not clear on exactly what you're asking, I'll just go over the stated situation in general:


You are engaged with two enemies. You choose one of them to resolve its attack first. You choose either a hero or an ally to defend this attack and exhaust them to declare them as the defender. Resolve the shadow effect, determine damage and deal it to the defender, you are now done with the first attack. Now you must do the same for the second attack. So again you choose a hero or ally to defend. Since declaring a character as a defender requires exhausting them (with odd exceptions like hero Beorn or Light the Beacons), this must be a different character to the one who defended the first attack unless you've somehow re-readied them afterwards (with e.g. Unexpected Courage, Behind Strong Walls).

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