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Razor Soul

Should I buy?

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Razor Soul said:


Is this a speed game? I hate speed games.



This is not a speed game.  This is combat tiddley-winks.  MM:E should be considered a turn-based dexterity game.  You set up your bases and flip two of your soldier-bugs out to attack the enemy base.  Choose which bugs to move from your die roll.  Different bugs also have unique abilities.

If you have kids, especially boys (age 5-12) this game is a must.  I got this for my 7-yr old boy for Christmas last year and he and his older sisters love it.   If you don't have kids, I personally think this is an excellent beer and pretzels game.  In spite of being very appealing to the younger set, I would happily play with an adult gaming group.  I wrote a VERY brief review at BGG: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/439898.  As an adult I give the game a solid 7.  Every kid that has played the game at our house has given it a 10.

I bought mine really cheap at a closeout sale, by my wife's nephews had such a good time playing it at our house last September, I'll be buying one at retail to send them for Christmas this year.

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