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Punishing One Preview!

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DAT crew

Almost like the misthunter, the scum crew are cooler than the ship :0

25 point generic is sexy, though. That's a mere 33 for deadeye plasmas w/extras and chips; 34 with 4lom

Boba is absolutely hilarious and WILL lead to troll. I'm just crying thinking of poor Miranda losing her tlt

Dengar is a disgusting reverse predator that frees up your ept. Put him on a TLT palob and watch the fireworks

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Sayonara Emperor:



I've been wanting to see an effect like this since the days of Fat Han. Boba Crew is a perfect spot for this ability. Boba and Greedo should be a great pairing on Moralo Eval.


Gonk seems like he should be a great crew member as well, especially in conjunction with EI.


Attani Mindlink seems like a great fit for both Vader and Omega Leader.


Overall, lots to love in this pack.

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