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Hello everyone,


I have an upcoming store tournament tournament next Saturday and I'm gonna bring an E-Wing, a T-70 X-Wing and an A-Wing to play with.


I was thinking about:


Corran Horn (35):

- R2-D2 (4)

- Fire-Control System (2)

- Veteran Instincts (1)


Poe Dameron (31):

- R5-P9 (3)

- Veteran Instincts (1)

- Autothrusters (2)


Green Squadron Pilot (19)

- A-Wing Test Pilot (0)

- Chardaan Refit (-2)

- Push The Limit (3)

- Wired (1)


Total: 100/100


Thoughts? A-Wing's role here is to arc-dodge and (essentially) block, with Poe and Corran somewhere behind to dish out the damage and with decent enough survivability between the two of them.


My questions: Is Poe gonna make it for long, if focused on? Should I switch the astromechs between Corran and Poe? Switch PTL from the A-Wing for, say, maybe Elusiveness (for 99pts.)? With Veteran Instincts on Poe and Corran is initiative irrelevant?


Feedback please  :)

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You could drop PTL for crackshot and put autothrusters on the A-Wing, just a thought, you're going to get in close with it anyways so your chances of a range 1 shot while trying to be a blocker are increased.  FYI, your list with my adjustments I've thought of running a few times not but haven't had a chance.

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I've been looking at running that exact list but don't have R5-P9 which makes it tricky. I'd definitely keep the droids as they are. Not sure if crack shot is a better call than wired for an A. Can help you get damage in when needed but I don't think PTL makes an A-wing predictable as a blocker. All straight and 2 turns green make for a lot of variety and being able to focus and evade with AT's on top of that make then really hard to put down (if someone gets 2 hits at range 3 you can roll all blanks and still take no damage, never fails to frustrate people)

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