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Jack the Ripper is a chaos Deciple?

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ok so want to run a jack the ripper style investigation for my first adventure into dark heresy and i was wondering

  1. how would you guys go about doing it
  2. what chaos god/ cult would he fall under
  3. what type of world would this be on
  4. besides wikepidia and the movie from hell what other sources would be good for information about jack the ripper
  5. and any other ideas would be much appreciated

obvious historical changes

  1.  setting
  2. he may actually be caught
  3. potentially be a psyker
  4. or have supernatural assistance
  5. besides the typical prostitute killing a different type of victim will be prevalent and what should it be
  6. since i want the forces of chaos involved thinking of adding in blood seals and symbolism and they are not only murder victims but sacrifices as well


so with all of that in mind what do you guys think and are there any more changes i need to make? and any other ideas/ critisms would rock as well.

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Hello Gamefreak,

are you familiar with „the Murder Room“? I guess it was introduced in DH1st „Disciples of the Dark Gods“ and would provide a cult with a nice meaning of conducting a “ripper-style” killing without being caught outright. Using a setting where the society is not really having the means to to go after the killer is a good option as well. Something where the people don´t care, where technology isn´t that developed  or disaster or overall poverty even interferes with the work of the Enforcers. For the later, I would suggest “Sinophia”, as depicted in “City of the Damned” adventure module (DH1st adventure) and the Inquisitor´s Handbook (DH1st). It comes very close to victorian London, too. Otherwise, simply envision a 40k version of victorian Londong. It is not that hard, I guess. All you need to add is a little kybernetic here, some Las Weapons there, a bit of fancy technology in the household of the well-situated, and there you go!

For the cult itself, the first god that comes to mind is, of course, Khorrne. There is a killing going on, so it could be for the killings sake. But, would if the victims would have missing organs, and that organs would be the liver? In the “World of Darkness” (different game system), there was an adventure book called “Urban Legends”, one of it centered on modern “liver stealing”, and gave it the dark twist that doctors where actually stealing the livers... as part of a magical ward to hold back a demon of illness from entering the world and infecting a whole city! The ward need to be refreshed, and so, new livers were needed. Otherwise, it would make some (twisted) sense to sacrifice livers to Nurgle. Livers are meant to clean the body, by taking those organs away and give them to Nurgle as a sacrifice, Grandfather Nurgleth might be very pleased. If this isn´t Nurgle enough to you, it could be “damaged” livers only. What damages livers, aside from illness? Excessive alcohol consume. So, your new group of victims could be heavy drinkers and alcoholics, instead of prostitutes. To have a red herring, have a radical preacher (with a fair share of zealots among his following) preaching against “the devil alcohol”, going 40k style about it (which means: threats of violence or actual storming of taverns, which lead to bloody brawls between the zealots and the drunkards).

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I just started reading dark heresy 2nd edition while i have some experience with WoD i have none with their adventures but i do like the nurgle route as the clean or even the drunken livers could even be used as a "pharmaceutical" testing ground for a new plague batch that is at risk of being released to the populace of 40k Victorian London planet. the radical preacher could as some fun to this as well i like where this could be going.

now another idea what about rouge psykers or even astropaths that have certain "organs" removed to create a virulent plague that either effects pskers only or can go as far as release the ability it unto the populace thus creating a great rift in real space or would that be more tzneech than nurgle as nugle would be more fun to play with first then maybe do a chaos round robin. there are definitely many routes that something like this could take i like the can of worms you have opened for me.

now another thing i am wondering is this so my group so far will be just me and my fiances playing around and having fun the charaters will bean adepta sororitas assassin and either a tech priest/heretek type warrior or a psyker warrior and i am know as a sadistic an mean gm as is so it makes me wonder what would be best to screw with a character i make especially if i go with the psyker route (heretek is temping as my fiance likes how eldar tech looks and acts especially harlequins and me being nice would be able to repair her gear for her)

but since you mention khorne i was thinking of a more feudal/feral/forge world route with him on a planet that has a significant resource to the imperial war machine or even to the inquisition themselves. and in there a cult of khorne is being formed as is the beginning of an ork wraaaaaag happening at the same time thus causing mass panic kinda like in the space marine  video game.


but any who more input from there would help im off to go plot and scheme.

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My question is what about a bunch of random murders brought this to the attention of the team, because if you looking at Jack the Ripper, his crimes would be handled in 40k circles by the Enforcers not the Arbites even.


Now maybe if they were Nobles would this get attention.  In the BoJ there the Spire Stalker Case.  If you have access to it might be worth a read too.

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