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SkullRoller weapon dice roller

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I made a really small application with java for me and my friends to use for Dark Heresy and decided to clean it up a bit and put it up on the internet. It's a roller for firing guns in various settings (autofire, tearing, aiming, differing ballistic skills, etc). I made it originally since I wanted something to make it easier for my character firing two autopistols and for my DM when he needed a lot of npc's firing. Can also be used for melee weapons to a lesser extent. Lemme know what you think about it.

you can get it from:

Dark Reign uploads section:


the project Homepage: skullroller.wikispaces.com/

Please let me know any bugs you find, feature requests or just general comments. Any comment is fine really heh, lets me know if I'm headed in the right direction with updates.



Pretty old and only covers 1st edition rules, but just incase anyone wants it

Latest version plus source files. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B35Y0lGvVUVkSWFpOGFtenB1Wmc/view?usp=sharing

Skullroller example pic.JPG

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btw i'll post in this topic each time I update it.

up to version 1.2 at the time of this posting

recently added: unstable, overheats and "no crits" option(for npc's and such), Long, Extreme and Maximum Range(explained in Read Me)

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after a long bout of laziness v1.3 is up,

Main addition is a statistics testing feature that let's you see average damage per round/per shot, etc for a certain preset

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On 2/29/2016 at 11:17 AM, Egyptoid said:

my google skill has failed me.

did anyone save the Skull Roller java file anywhere ?

all websites for it are dead, it seems.

Idk if it's still relevant, but I happened to notice your post from a long time ago looking for the program, I updated the post with a google drive link to all the files, though I never got around to updating it for 2E heh


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