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Finished Painting Return to Hoth... Monochromatic Death!

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Sometimes simplicity is the toughest thing to paint! I just got through painting the villains in Return to Hoth, and they were tricky because I decided to remain fairly faithful to the Star Wars aesthetic and paint the figures in simple, uniform colours: white Snowtroopers, off-white Wampas, whitish hover tank, etc etc.


Anyhow, I hope you enjoy!


SC2-M Hover Tank








HK Assassin Droids




HK Assassin Droids (elite)








Thanks for looking! If you want more pictures, my galleries of the complete Imperial Assault range are here:


Rebels: http://www.oldenhammer.com/p/star-wars-imperial-assault-miniatures.html

Imperials: http://www.oldenhammer.com/p/star-wars-imperial-assault-miniatures_26.html


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You have a very unique style of painting. To be honest at first I did not know what to think of it but I love it. To shade in the way you do your hand coordination and skill must be rock solid. Fantastic work.

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Did you use a gray wash on those Snowtroopers?


Nope - no washes. I basecoated the Snowtroopers with a 1:1 mix of Vallejo Light Grey and White. I then applied successive layers of highlighting by mixing in more white, until I got to the final highlight of pure white (which sometimes had to be applied in a few coats to get it to really shine).  I then did a little bit of outlining in black or Stone Grey (and lots of clean up). 

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