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How do you Handle Downtime?

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Many of the systems in DH2 end up giving the players some time on their hands. Especially warp travel. So instead of coming up with a problem on the ship to solve all the time do you guys have a system of downtime activities that you use? or do you let the characters come up with something to pursue? I'm thinking of making these down times as the only times you can spend xp that way it gives very easy material to come up with what was done in the time. However if there's no xp to spend then that leaves basically nothing for them to do if they can't come up with something.


So I was wondering what you guys generally did.

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In a nutshell, I leave it up to my players.  If their characters have things that they want to get into, great.  If they're just going to be praying, field-stripping weapons, recovering from their latest cybernetic implant surgery, and/or twiddling their thumbs; then we just quickly summarize and then fast-forward to the journey's destination.  


I generally try to have at least one 'occurrence' on every warp voyage just to make it memorable; though it's only a big "problem on the ship to be fixed" every once in a while.  It might be as simple as a harmless passing warp phenomenon, a dinner invitation from whatever quirky ship captain they're hitching a ride with, or their NPC astropath behaving more strangely than usual. 


I have a pretty character-focused group; so even without any prompting from me, they'll often fill plenty of time just with in-character dialog.  This might be making plans regarding their next mission, pointing fingers as to what went wrong on their previous mission, or just waxing philosophical and getting to know each other better. 


During my group's last few voyages, a fair bit of time has been spent with half of the PC's trying to figure out how to train the defective cyber-wolf that they ended up with and the other half continuing to ask why they just haven't gotten rid of said defective cyber-wolf.

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Something I was toying with while doing RT and downtime...


This details the player’s Voidship subdivisions.

Recruit, train, and equip crew members and attend to their concerns and needs. When you first take command, your hoary ship

contains little more than run‐down accommodations and dubious trappings.

As you lead your crew on successful expeditions, you will earn wealth, and recover ancient family heirlooms, religious relics,

and nameless prizes from the stars which can be invested to restore the vessel to its former glory. Doing so will not only yield

gameplay benefits, but will allow you to recruit new classes of crew, upgrade your roster's skills, and improve their equipment.


Your ship is also where your character can interact with your crew on a more personal level, reducing their stress and removing

some of the negative quirks they may have developed as a result of their (mis)adventures. Whether it's by means of rest and

prayer, or alcohol and debauchery, depends not only on your preferences, but on their personalities!


Abbey, Church, or Temple

The player can send their explorer to the Holy Sanctum to relieve their soul through prayer; reduces Corruption Gains…

Upgrading the Abbey increases the types of holy treatments and their effectiveness.


Requirement: Temple Shrine to the God Emperor

• Cloister; improves the meditation facilities. (1 Corruption Point reduction per Month)

• Transept; improves the prayer facilities. (1 Corruption Point reduction per Week)

• Penance Hall; Improves the flagellation facilities. (1 Corruption Point reduction per Day)


Blacksmith, Foundry

Characters can repair and upgrade armor and weapons onboard rather than at port…


Requirement: Manufactorum (Battlefleet Koronus PAGE‐41)

• Armorsmithy;

• Weaponsmithy;

• Furnace;


Hall of Heroes (Graveyard)

All fallen heroes are displayed here!


This space on a Rogue Trader’s ship allows characters and crew to improve their abilities and possibly learn new ones!


Requirements: Resolution Arena + (PAGE‐77)

• Instructor Mastery;

• Training Regimen;

Kreuzbasar (Space Gypsies “Tsingani Valentina” allowed to operate mikroeconomy onboard)

From the mundane and prosaic to the rare and powerful can be purchased from the void nomads.


Requirements: Disciplinarium + Extended Supply Vault (PAGE‐76)

• Wagon Size; Increases the number of available trinkets at the Bazaar.

• Merchant network; Reduces the cost of trinket purchases.


They can operate independently and for longer periods without resupply, and can refit and repopulate any assigned ship so that they have their own infrastructures, ecosystems and civilian economies in order to facilitate repairs and crew replacements without a need to return to port…

Some are intrigued while others are repulsed by the spectacle of the Imperial Kreuzbasar having taken over several decks of your vessel. Intrigued, for they had brought with them an almost entirely selfsustaining economy, complete with its unique cultural and societal mores. Repulsed, for you see that outside of the disinterested and detached local authority, thugs and hoodlums run this microsociety, with no regard for birth or rank. To those who have been raised in the most rarefied of atmospheres, at Court, where one studies under the most refined of tutors. To them, these men and women inspired revulsion, and will not be able to find rest until they are off your ship.



Allows the player to remove negative quirks and diseases for some Gelt...




Requirements:Medicae Deck + Pharmacia (Battlefleet Koronus PAGE‐41 & PAGE‐72)

• Treatment Library (Librarium Vault)

• Infirmary; increases the number of characters /npcs therapeutic slots (Medicae Deck)



All potential recruits come to the Dynasty via the Stagecoach Shuttle. Upgrades can increase the amount of new recruits are

available and/or increase the size of the away team roster.


Requirements: Barracks + Landing Bay (CORE Book Page‐204 & Battlefleet Koronus PAGE‐41)

• Stagecoach Network (Landing Bay)

• Away Team Barracks (Barracks)



Explorer field skills can be delved into and “buffed” here before deployment...

• Bon Fire



Sending explorers here will relieve their Insanity stress at the cost of time and larder.

• Bar; Improves the bar facilities (1 Sanity Point reduction per Month)

• Gambling; improves the gambling facilities (1 Sanity Point reduction per Week)

• Brothel; Improves the brothel facilities (1 Sanity Point reduction per Day)

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I usually ask if they are doing anything during that time period. I might have them roll some skills to see if they notice anything about their surroundings, or give them a list of things that are obvious on the ship "There is a church/hall of hero's/a group of Astra Militarum on board". 

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