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Failing a Requisition Test?

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My group has treated it as a Skill or Characteristic Test - after all it is an Characteristic, which means you can spend a Fate Point to re-roll the Test. As for burning Influence, yes they could burn it to succeed with DoS equal to Fellowship bonus - but as the text (p.269) mentions, this is done before they roll for the Test, so wouldn't work for a failed Test unless allowed. 


Generally, we've gone with that a failed Test represents either the item being unavailable, or - particularly when their Subtlety is low - that the merchant/criminal etc is unwilling to sell to someone who they don't know/trust. 

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As mentioned above, fate point usage is allowed since it is a characteristic.

In terms of time until they can reroll, typically they cannot do it more than once per session for the same piece of equipment. However, if circumstances changes (ie. they go to another planet) then it would be fine to roll then since they haven't technically searched that location yet.

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To simplify things, what I plan to be doing with Requisition tests is:

 - At the end of each session each player character gets to make a requisition test.

 - Fate points can be used. If the player has any left at the end of the session.

 - If they fail the roll, they don't acquire the item.

 - If they pass, the item will arrive at their home base sometime before they next leave it. Which means that they can immediately write down that it's sitting at base.

 - They are free to try again for the item next session.

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This is what I did... (note my tables differ from whats found raw in the RT Core Book)


Acquisition Frequency (Delivery)

Page-272 Frequency of Acquisition


  1. Make your Acquisitions (as normal) during a game session
  2. The GM takes note of what you what and what exactly you succeeding in find / obtain
  3. Then after the game session the GM catalogs  the items (per the order during that game session)
  4. When you return to the next game session, your character sheet contain the Acquisition…


In this way – you won’t be given the items you seek during the same game session…


Plentiful + Abundant + Ubiquitous to be gained during the same game session either “in port” or “on the ship


Common and Average will only be available during the same game session if/when “in port” only


The term “in port” refers to where merchants / traders are at…

All else will be delivered ONE GAME Session after you “order it”


Vanilla TEXT: It is up to the GM as to when and how often the Explorers may make Acquisition Tests to acquire goods. As a general rule, he should restrict acquisition to appropriate junctures (such as visits to mercantile districts, time at port, and when dealing with local traders) and to downtime between play such as at the start or end of a gaming session. For important or large acquisitions, the GM may also require the completion of a series of in game conditions such as finding a specific seller or travelling to a certain locale where the items can be procured.



This section defines how much of an item is possibly available at a given time…





If a Scale result were to come up that is greater than the applicable number of units Available - step down to the maximum possibly allowed.


Example: Say I acquire an Inferno Pistol (Mars) VERY RARE! According to the TABLE, this grade of Availability can only be found in the rarest of cases up to 9 guns of this sort at a given time! So for our uses the Merchant bears up to 9 Bolters for sale at a given time...


By Population
The TABLE above is scaled towards Acquisitions made at the very height of what is possible…



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