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House Weapons.

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I made these weapons for only war, but I figured some one from the Dark heresy community would like to use them.

The following weapons will be listed in the following 

Name Class Range ROF Dam Pen Mag Special Wt. Availability

I had a nice table but this forum format does not like my fancy nice table  :(

Combat halbards :

Combat Halbards are Common On many worlds through out the Imperium of man  , they are used by guard,PDF , law enforcement, and it has even been known that some space marines will carry them.These weapons are deadly in the right hands .The weapon comes in many different variety’s , from stubber to bolt, and everything between, from chain to power. They are used in both Melee and at short range. 

 C.H stubber/ prim Melee, basic 30m stub s/-/6 2d10R (melee)1d10+2 I ( ranged) 0 18 Unbalanced10kg plentiful


C.H stubber/ Chain Melee, basic 30m stub s/-/6 2d10+2(melee)1d10+2 IRanged 0( pen 2 in melee) 18 Unbalanced , tearing , 10kg Common


CH. Las Prim Melee Basic 30 s/2/- 2d10R (melee)1d10+2 E ( ranged 0 30 Unbalanced , reliable 10kg common


CH. Las Chain Melee Basic 30 s/2/- 2d10+2 (melee)1d10+2 E ( ranged 0( pen 2 in melee) 30 Unbalanced , reliable/ tearing 11kg Scarce


CH. bolt Chain Melee Basic 30 s/2/- 2d10+2 (melee) 1d10+5 x ( ranged 4 ( ranged)2 ( melee) 10 Unbalanced tearing, reliable 14kg Scarce


CH. bolt Power MeleeBasic 30 s/2/- 2d10+7 E (melee)1d10+5 x ( ranged 4 ( ranged)2 ( melee) 10 Unbalanced Power field reliable 15kg Rare


The M68 Needle rifle

The M68 Needle rifle is a long range marksmen’s weapon often used to hunt large game. It fires a 50.cal rocket propelled projectile at ranges up to 200 meters, good accuracy. This rifle has been banned on multiple works across the imperium. This is largely due to it’s highly destructive and brutish nature. The weapon is cable of piercing most known humanoid worn armour.
In some reports the projectiles have been seen to go through multiple people. Other reports state the projectile sticks it’s victims to objects such as a wall , or ship bulk head. 
There is also a double barrel “shot”gun version of this weapon. Features of the weapon differ in a number of variants, but the only difference being it’s magazine size and barrel length .The standard weapon comes with a thirty two inch free floating barrel, with a thumb hole pistol grip, with an adjustable stoke, and a five round magazine, and of course safety leaver.
:The weapon fires a 50 calibre rocket propelled 12 inch long spike at over five hundred miles per hour. With enough stopping power to take down most large game, with one well placed shot.
The weapon is often used by assassins and bounty hunters, those on the edge of the law and who see little point in following the rules. The weapon has been seen in many pict flicks and is often portrayed as the “bad guys” gun. You will see many Villains carrying these weapons, as they are large and formidable. In the Calix's sector Chaos snipers will use these weapons as light anti armour weapons.
Stats :

 M68 Basic 200m S/-/- 1d10+6x 5 5 Tearing 14kg Very rare


68 double Basic 50m -/2-/- 1dx10+6x 5 2 Tearing 9kg Very rare+


Special Rule : The Neddle rife has a 1d10 chance of pinning it's victim ( if shot at a Fleshy target) to what ever is behind it, be that a wall, or anther person. The Victim must spend a full round to remove the spike, and take 1d3 insanity points for doing so( only if the victim pulls it out him self ).


Nephas pattern las rifles
The Nephas pattern las rifle is a lever action single shot energy weapon Developed on the planet of Nephas, Commonly used by the regiments and PDF of this world it’s quality design and good accuracy have seen it’s way into a support marksmen’s rifle for a spotter in some sniper teams with in other regiments. While this rifle is more powerful then the standard issue lasgun , it has a sizable smaller magazine . Though the philosophy of use for this weapon is if you cannot take and ork down with a few shots, maybe you need a auto cannon.
The barrel and actions of the weapon are often made from the finest materials on the planet, though lower quality versions are available for mass production. Wood is commonly used for the stock and hand guard. With the receiver of the weapon is often engraved with the respected houses or regiments. It comes in ever a long barreled , standard, carbine, or a sawn off version, just a bit bigger than a pistol. After ever shot, the lever must be racket, as a charge pack is used up, on the final shot it is ejected from the bottom to the receiver, anther is then placed into it and firing carries on, after racking the lever again. A bonnet can be fixed to the end of the barrel and scopes are common. But iron sights are the as standard.

The Nephas pattern las rifle Basic 100 s/-/- 1d10+4E 1 12 Reliable 7kg Common


Carbine Basic 75 s/-/- 1d10+4E 1 12 Reliable 6kg Common


Long Basic 150 s/-/- 1d10+4E 1 12 Accurate, Reliable 7.5kg scarce


Pistol Basic 40 s/-/- 1d10+4E 1 12 Reliable 5.5kg Common



Sal – squad automatic Lasgun
The Sal Is a Squad automatic lasgun is a heavy barreled lasgun with a small bipod, and drum shaped charge pack . The Sal is used as a light weight squad support weapon designed to lay down covering and pinning fire, while it is the same strength as the lasgun, it’s heavier barrel, allows for more sustained fire.  This weapon needs no specialist training for a guardsmen, if they can fire a lasgun they can fire the Sal! Often used by PDF, Drop troopers or regiments that require more firepower but can not afford to take the weight of a heavier weapons system such as a heavy bolter or its ammo. The weapon can be fired on the variable 

 Sal Basic 100M s/3/6 1d10+3 E 0 120 Reliable 7.5kgs Scarce



The widow maker Bolt pistol 

The widow maker bolt pistol pattern of bolt gun was first located on Sigma Prime, on the 4th level of the Ocean library in sub section 40, under the category “ Fluffy bunnies of the emperor” a Book aimed at teaching children about orks, and to not fear them what so ever. The data slate containing the plans had been hidden with in the back of the book.The weapon is now being produced on dobesh, though it has only been produced in the few thousands and is commonly used by the sisters of battle with in the local system .
Features: this weapon has all the features of a normal bolt pistol aside from the fact it has a large magazine better muzzle brake , and can be fired in full auto

 Pistol 30m s/3/6 1d10+5 x 4 16 Tearing 5kgs Extremely rare


Las PDW (Personal defense weapon )

The las PDW is an  adeptus mechanicus approved alteration to the the Laspistol . Approved in m41: 219 after it was found thousands of tank crew were adapting there Standard  issue Laspistol into something more useful. Of Course all the Crews found doing this were excited for heresy , as modifying a most holy pattern of weapon that the Emperor had blessed was blasphemy. But the Idea caught on that for some situations the laspistol was just not cutting it.  The laspistol there for added with a wire stock, that ever folds under, or over  the weapon, though not a full sized stock, it long enough to brace ageist ones cheek or shoulder. The Charge pack was replaced to a m36 issue lasgun charge pack. The rate of fire was increased , while adding no more stopping power, the charge pack instead powers the increased rate of fire, and the constancy of the power of that fire.  A single point sling stud is added to the rear of the weapon, to allow it to be added to a string. 

The weapon is often used by drop troopers, vehicle crews, body guards, and law enforcement. Variable setting is still usable on this weapon.


Las PWD :- Basic 30m S/5/10 1d10+2E  Pen 0 Clip 60 Special Reliable wgt: 2.5 Rare

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What exactly is the combat halberd? From what I can tell it's a halberd with a gun strapped somewhere along the hilt. Wouldn't it be easier to split it into two weapon profiles, it's not exactly easy to tell what's going on with the rules.

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The combat halberd reminds me of the Chimera Pistol Sword from 1E Inquisitor's Handbook. Nice little weapon but yeah it would be simpler to say that the halberd has an alternative ranged weapon profile that matches a stub gun.

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