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Yuuzhan Vong Ships, Read Before Hating

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EDIT: Added Crew, pilots and updated costs and some ship actions/dials. Once I have it ironed out a bit better, I'll add the names to everything and make the cards. 
TL;DR Vong are a neat idea, but as written, are horrible. In case you want to try them anyway, here are some rules for their ships. 
The three base ships. You can find models on Mel's Miniatures: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/mel_miniatures?section=New+Jedi+Order&s=0
Changed Project to Boost on all ships. Also, took out Biot and Dovin Basal upgrades,and made all of them Tech (Yuuzhan Vong Only [biotech]) upgrades. 
Three Ships: Coralskipper (light multipurpose), Orbalisk (heavy fighter/arc dodger), Stoneclaw (Large PWT)


The low rez images cut off the upgrades and point cost. 


Upgrades: Tech
 Warrior Pilot 15

Warrior Champion 18 + EPT

Yomin Carr 21 + EPT

Shadao Shai 23 + EPT




Orbalisk (Yorik-Akaga)

Upgrades: Sensor, Crew, Tech

Praetorite Consul 24

Anhelo Yar 28 + EPT

Executor Nom Anor 30 + EPT

Yun Sai'Taihm 31 + EPT





Stoneclaw (Yorik-Vec)

Upgrades: Cannon, Crew, Crew, Tech

Warleader 40

Deign Lian 43 +EPT

Tsalok 46 + EPT

Tsavong Lah 48 + EPT




Link to high res images: http://imgur.com/a/xhqGN/all
So, I've been looking at Shapeways Yuuzhan Vong Ships for X Wing TMG, and have been working on some homebrew rules. Before any tirades of "The Yuuzhan Vong are horrific" and "They're so crappy why would you" and so on and so forth, please take a look above. 
This gives foe that Scum/Empire/Rebels can all face, but in small groups. We're using the Aturi cluster Campaign as a basis. 
So I've done some writing up of some ships for Vong, and wanted to put them here to get some feedback. If you hate them with such a passion as anything related to them makes you steam with rage and froth at the mouth, feel free to post "They suck" and move on. I'd appreciate more helpful feedback if possible, but won't object to Vong hate, as I definitely understand it. If you have to completely re-write a group to make them viable story wise, imo, then there was something vong in the first place.
Some notes:
Vong Speed: Vong ships are not fast. They have access to the Boost action instead, which lets them sacrifice their action to move quickly. This was done to represent their Dovin Basals being used to move them, and that they are used for both movement, protection and attack, and by doing one, it makes it more difficult to do the others. 
New Action - Project: Project is an action all Vong ships have. It lets a ship either Boost, Barrel Roll, or make a Tractor Beam Attack at R1. This needs to be playtested, badly, to see if it needs to be made into an upgrade card instead. However, Vong ships have max natural speed of 3, and none of them have native Boost or Barrel Roll, making the use of this action their only access to moving at speed 4+, or boosting or barrel rolling. It also means that no Vong ship can BOTH boost and barrel roll in the same turn. Note: Vong ships do not count as having the Boost or Barrel Roll action, and cannot take upgrades requiring these such as Autothrusters or Expert Handling.
ACTION: Perform either a Barrel Roll, Boost or make an attack at Range 1 with 3 red dice. If the attack hits, the target receives 1 Tractor Beam token, then cancel all dice results (0 damage), and you receive a Weapons Disabled Token. 
Reinforce action: Some Vong Ships have access to the Reinforce action. This acts as an Evade token on all Defense rolls. This is accessible only through upgrades, and at low speed. See Dovin Basal upgrades. 
Health: Vong ships have access to Shield Regeneration like Rebels, but tend to have very low shield values. This means that Vong often recover shields, but never have many to burn through. All shield recovery is accessed through upgrades, same as Rebels (astromech droids, R2 crew, Miranda K Wing, Chewbacca crew).
Customization: The Vong have few ships, but have many customization options through titles. Similar to the Scyk ship, Vong ships can be given different upgrade options based on their proposed role. 
Title: Yorik-Et
Ship: Coralskipper
Cost: 2
Add the Cannon, Missile or Torpedo upgrade to your upgrade bar. If you choose to add the Missile or Torpedo upgrade, this Title costs 2 less. 
Title: Akaga-sin
Ship: Orbalisk
Cost: 2
When you take a Target Lock action, assign one Focus token to your ship.
Title: Harbinger (Unique)[/size]
Ship: Stoneclaw
Cost: 3
When you perform a green maneuver, take a free Evade action
Tech Upgrades (Yuuzhan Vong Only) [biotech = Biot]
1. When you perform an Evade Action, you may instead perform a Reinforce Action. This still counts as performing an Evade action for the round. COST 3
2. When you perform a speed 1 or 2 Bank or Straight maneuver, you may perform a free Evade action COST 4
3. Discard this card before revealing your dial to perform a decloak action.  COST 1
4. Add the Reinforce Action to your Action Bar COST 3
5. When you complete a maneuver, if you are at Range 1 of another friendly ship, you may remove one stress token from yourself. Then you may perform your action phase as normal. COST 2
6. After performing a speed 1 maneuver, recover 1 shield COST 4
7. When you hit with an attack, you may take a free Evade action. COST 3
8. When attacking at Range 1 with a secondary weapon, you may add 1 attack die.  COST 2
9. When you are hit by an attack, you may gain a target lock on the attacking ship COST 2[/size]
10. You may spend a Target Lock to convert 1 Focus Result into 1 Critical Boom result COST 1
11. When you take an action, you may assign the token to any other friendly ship with this same upgrade instead of assigning it to yourself. COST 1
Cannon Upgrades
1.       Yaret-Kor – Atk 3, Range 1-2. After attacking with this weapon, if the attack hits, the target receives 1 Plasma Token.  COST 3
a.       Plasma Token – At the end of round, remove all Plasma Tokens. Roll 1 Red Attack Die for each token removed. Suffer 1 damage for each BOOM result rolled (3/8 chance)

Missile Upgrades
1.       Yarek-Lat – Atk 3, Range 2-3. [FOCUS] After attacking with this weapon, if the attack hits, the target receives 1 Plasma Token.  COST 2
Sensor Upgrades:
1.       Armada Escort - Orbalist Only - Add the Cannon upgrade to your upgrade bar. COST 1
Crew - Names Pending (Caste name placeholder for member of that caste)
Shaper - Discard this card to turn one face up damage card face down.
Warrior – When you reveal your dial, if you revealed a turn maneuver, you may change the direction of your turn. Then receive 1 Stress Token in addition to any stress received from the maneuver. COST 2
Intendent – You may treat all Speed 2 maneuvers as Green. COST 2
Shaper – When you overlap another ship, you may take a target lock on that ship. COST 2
Priest – Once per round, when another friendly ship receives a damage card within Range 2, assign your ship one evade token. COST 3
Shaper – After revealing your dial, discard this card to discard two facedown damage cards. COST 3
Warrior – Friendly ships at Range 1-2 count as having your Blue Target Lock Token. (Friendly ships can spend your target lock).  COST 3
Priest – When you perform a Focus action, you may receive 1 Stress Token to assign one Focus Token to a Friendly ship at Range 1 -2. COST 3
Intendent – Take a free action. Roll 1 Red die, suffer any damage rolled. COST 4

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Even if I loved the Vong, essentially giving them access to Focus, TL, Barrel Roll and Boost, then throwing in a built-in Tractor Beam for good measure seems ridiculously overpowered to me.

But the cost is quite high, and the ships are slow. Maybe this helps offset the actions.

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I'd like to try the Project action out. It does give the three options, but doesn't allow multiple uses, and uses an action. The Tractor Beam at R1 only would have to be fielded, and I want to see how it works being used before the Combat phase, as it could essentially shoot a target before they have activated. 


The costs were increased to account for the Project action, but I think you're right in that the Coralskipper should be cheaper. i was originally putting it at 3 Hull 1 Shield and 14 points, with 1 point for a title to give it an upgrade. 


The slow speeds mean that if you don't boost with Project, you aren't going anywhere fast, so they have to knife fight, which makes sense thematically as their Dovin Basal's were used for shields and movement, and they'd have to 'reroute power' from 'engines' to protect themselves. 


I'm working on some crew, pilots and Vong plasma cannons, that are a variation on the mangler. Allows you to upgrade coralskippers to 3 damage, and puts a Plasma token on the target (if hit). At the end phase, you roll a red die for each plasma token, taking 1 damage for each BOOM (3/8 chance). 

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For your dovin basal #1 how about rewording it to something like "after performing an evade action you may spend an evade token to perform a reinforce action." This would clear up the confusion of whether or not you've used an evade action in a little fewer words and sounds better to me.

That's my only suggestion after my read through. I love the concept your working here and I think your points for mechanics are decent. As you suggested in a reply I would agree that thematically you should go with a weaker coralskipper, but then again these aren't strictly Yuzaahn Vong; rather a nomad group who resembles them so it's a moot point.

Let us know how the playtesting goes. I might try to introduce this to my circles (if I can convince them to let go of their Vong-hate ;) )

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Given the direction that Disney is taking, the Vong ain't gonna happen.


They inspire about the same level of hate as the Disneyverse. 


As a way to end the EU while bringing back everyone for the finale (to die horribly), they could've done worse. Then the show got un-cancelled and we got Darth Caedus instead.

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You do realize what you are asking of this forum. Putting in a Vong post is likely to get 3 pages of hate on from here...


Now while on this topic lets talk about canonized fiction. Now canonized fiction is well mostly for world/universe building. It goes more into filling in the gaps and you see this from all popular story series. From Star Trek to Lord of the Rings. So right now I am going to talk about a series that has canonized fiction and why I don't really pay that close attention to it. 


So what is canonized fiction. Well as I said before it is to fill in the gaps but it is endorsed by the author/owner of the story. Now not all canonized fiction is good but some of it can be almost better that the original story (just take a look at Warhammer 40,000 fiction). But it is story that has to be taken from a non primary source. Non primary source in Star Wars would be like Jek Porkins or Pops. You never here their names in the movie, you may see it on the credits but for the most part you had to look outside the primary source. This is where canonized fiction fits in and generally speaking it does a better job in fitting and continuity than fan-fiction but not all the times. If you read Halo the Fall of Reach you can see some disconnect with the end of the story when compared with the first few cut-scenes of the game HALO and can tell that there are some inconsistencies. Best example is the MAC gun depolarized at the end of the Fall of Reach and in the Bridge scene a report after a ship shaking explosion which states that the main cannon was offline. You don't report old news generally so there was a disconect between the two stories. 


Now canonized fiction can be helpful as it fills in the gaps and can extend stories. Truth be told this game X-wing would have died out a while ago if it were not for FFG pulling from the old Expanded Universe for more ships, although there are those players who still insist that X-wing should be played with only ships from the OT, so waves 1-3 minus the HWK. X-wing would have not lasted that long, now take a look at the new EA's battlefront and you see some of the problems is that they don't bring in anything from outside the OT. The Imperials have AT-STs for ground vehicles but the Rebels have nothing along those lines. Because rebels don't have vehicles there is no point in Imperials taking anti-vehicle weapons. But as you can see strictly sticking to cannon stagnates the game and really leaves it with no room to grow.


However the biggest problem with canonized fiction is well the inconsistencies and the re-writable to the point of disposable story lines. I have a couple of Star Wars Encyclopedias that have a lot of now obsolete EU reference material. You just can't expect canonized fiction to stay cannon anymore than you can count on fan-fiction to be cannon.  Now that doesn't mean that the main story is untouchable as Star Trek and many Super Hero movies can attest to that, but with the main stories there will be consistencies that could not b changed. James T. Kirk will be Captain of the Enterprise, Batman's nemesis will be the Joker, Frodo will carry the ring to Mount Doom. In all examples there were elements from the primary story that has been changed over the adaptation or remake of the primary story. Yet even with those stories there were things that could not be altered. With canonized fiction it all can be altered or as in recent cases just thrown away. 


So that is why I am a fan of the primary stories and not the canonized fiction. Now I am not going to say that the Vong will never be a part of Star Wars as the EU novels were already written, although they might bring a little confusion to people that picked it up after watching the new Disney movies. Wookiepedia has the difficult job of keeping track of both story lines while keeping them separate but it is doable as you can see on other wikis such as Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings which tracks the difference between characters in the books and characters in the TV-show/movies.


So back to the OP's subject on the Vong and if it will ever be in X-wing. Well that depends but not in the near future. Probability say no but again so many things are up with Disney that holds the IP. Disney could make the Vong or they could pull the license and Vong will only be in house rules and shapeway figures for X-wing as support was discontinued. Or next movie Disney could just throw them in and then wollah we will have a Vong faction. Again not likely, and there is no indication that it will happen in Episode 8. Also we still have to deal with the prequel issue as that is still considered primary story (no matter how much we wish it wasn't). So to some up the TL:DR in a few words... too soon?

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I must have prefaced poorly. 


TL:DR Vong shouldn't ever be in the Star Wars canonized universe, but I like biotech ships so here are some example rules for Vong ships as a source of biotech villain/anti-hero aliens. Feel free to hate if you want, doesn't bother me. 



I want to try out the project, but I need to make the Coralskipper more fragile and cheaper, and add point cost to the title. The Akaga is too rediculous. I need to check the T 70 cost and reduce the hull. 


Some notes: The Project action has some downsides. 1. You can use a Tractor Beam during action phase, but the enemy may still get amove, negating much of the detriment while you still get Weapons Disabled Token. 2. It doesn't COUNT as boost or barrel roll, so you can't take Autothrusters or anything that requires either of those actions. 

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You de orealize what you are asking of this forum. Putting in a Vong post is likely to get 3 pages of hate on the forums.


I'm surprised it hasn't, honestly. Rebels has gotten more hate and faster.

I'd say the lack of effort on Disney's part; between Rebels, Battlefront, and Aftermath, are real topics of discussion to hate. They're rehashing streamlined segments (please fire Pablo and Chuck) of the EU and ultimately rushing or watering the plot.

I can't hate on Rebels too much, it and CWs are kids shows. Even if they're no where near the quality of a show like Gargoyles.

On topic, Vong as Bio ships are an interesting addition, and by this point we're at a terminus of ship ideas without digging into the CWs or Legacy.

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