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Aye! Dark Master - Freeze Help

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So we finally got around to giving this game a shot; though the rules are somewhat confusing.


Our group went with the Aye, Dark Master variant rules as it seemed a little more structured and 'game-like'; we are not necessarily known for our ahem, expansive role-playing pedigree and leaving the assignment of Withering Looks more or less up to a whim would result in such looks being given out almost immediately.


Anyway, the variant rules are pretty comprehensive, except when we came down to utilizing the Freeze action.


If one plays a Freeze card, are they basically hijacking the turn for themselves? or interrupting, playing a hint card, and ultimately returning the turn back to the original player?

I get that the goal is basically to play the most hint cards and both uses of Freeze would have different impacts on those mechanics. Just not sure which is the intended use.


I'm thinking Freeze is basically hi-jacking the turn and if you wanted to throw it back at the original player, you'd have to basically go Freeze, Hint, Pass-the-Buck (provided the DM doesn't challenge you first, or someone else Freeze's you); but the idea of interrupting a player only to force a revision to their story seems hilarious.


The rulebook seems to call for both. We weren't too sure how to best use the Freeze cards and as such, I think people opted to only use Pass the Buck. It was still pretty hilarious; I think one player had the excuse of being dead at one point, to which the Dark Master asked them to continue since, obviously, they got better.


There was also a minion who got sidetracked in retrieving treasure because they thought the Dark Master would like it if they got gold teeth instead. Upon being asked how exactly, one was supposed to retrieve said teeth.. the minion suggested the use of a Lightning spell.. whew.


but any insight into how to best use the Freeze action would be welcomed.

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