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What's Your Favorite Faction?

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I almost couldn't believe there wasn't any topic like this already, but after searching the forum and finding none, I wanted to start one! :D


The contenders:


The Noble Daqan Lords

The Chaos-worshipping Uthuk Y'llan

The Wrath of the Undead



So which faction do you prefer the most?

Also, why do you prefer a specific faction?

Or maybe you don't prefer any specific faction?


I'll kick off with my own opinion:
I haven't had the chance to play with the Undead yet but they seem really cool. At first when we bought the game I thought I'd like the Daqan the most, but after some playtime and trying to read up on the backstories of these factions, I really love the Uthuk Y'llan! Not even looking at play-style here, I'm that kinda guy that just rolls with whatever army he can use (and my GF really wanted to be the Daqan faction). But in that regard, I really love the artwork and style of the Uthuk Y'llan and in a weird way I can sorta relate to their 'backstory'. So there you have it, I really love the Uthuk Y'llan! Savage brutes who've done anything possible in order to stay alive, even if that meant pairing up with the demons of Chaos. To me the Daqan feel like chivalrous knights, obeying their commander for the greater good. The Undead are simply crazy dark and foul. The Uthuk are survivalists, adapting to their changing circumstances, which really resonates with me in a 'cut off one leg to save the rest of the body'-kinda way.

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