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FFG announce officilay the end of WH Diskwars

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"Hi everyone!

so, yes, its FAKE. Yes, i invented that notice.


Well... i have the crazy idea that if maybe i say something like this someone of FFG appears to say just "thats not true, we have the game in our future plans, you gonna see more content..." but no.

Instead i see a lot of interesting toughts in the forum and the game its little bit alive today than yesterday biggrin.gif

You can say me whatever you want, if you think it was a bad idea, say to me, no problem i accept.

I just love the and i want the best for Diskwars System.

And now, my tought! One of the creators of the game is the FFG CEO so, i think that when he has bored to dig in his gold pool thanks to Star Wars, maybe he wants to complete this amazing game!!

(sorry for my written english, i know its very bad, aslo iam tipping very fast and i dont have enough time)

So, thats its! ITS FAKE!!


Going by the similarity of usernames, you are no where near official, and not funny. Your post on BGG was spam, which is what it is here.


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