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My first custom Scenario - feedback welcome!

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Hi all!


I'd like to take up the opportunity to discuss my homebrew Battlelore 2nd Ed. scenario!


I really wanted a map which focuses on a small route in the center of the map. Also I really like map-layouts which do not give advantages/handicaps to one of both factions. So the starting position will not be something you can 'blame your loss' on.


My map "Narrow Hill Pass" is my personal vision on such a map. But a new/custom map always requires a LOT of playtesting and me and my GF can only get so far with this. So additional playtesters are very much welcomed!


For some reason I cannot directly link you guys to the map, but searching in the scenario builder for "Narrow Hill Pass" or my username "Kaas" will help you find it!


I hope some of you will give it a look-over and provide me with some feedback concerning the fluff text and explanations I gave on the scenario card. And of course I really hope some of you will play it and experience the joy of a Narrow Hill Pass BATTLE. Many different ways to claim your victory in this map, so you don't necessarily have to rush into the pass. Also many different ways to muster up your army to give yourself the upper hand.


My personal criteria were:

Re-playability (because of different possible army-setups and VP-scoring)

Epic battle feeling (because close corner combat and possibilities for strategic placement)

It should feel right (the fluff, the style of battle and the narratives should fit the existing Battlelore vibe)

Somewhat innovating (not trying to create a whole new game here, but I did try to add some new 'flavor' for a change of pace)


Hope you'll enjoy my first custom scenario! Hope you guys can even make it better by providing me with some awesome feedback! If both are true, I'll be making a lot more custom scenario's for you guys :D




Kaas (or in English: Cheese)

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