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S&V Space Pirate Mercenary faction ship customization

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Hello, fellow dice-rolling, template tossing player!


Today we'll talk about such thing as S&V flavour.

As far as we know, each faction is lore-wise specific.

Empire is all about staple production, brutal efficiency and little to no personal adjustments. You won't find a Tie with custom cockpit and chair


Rebels are all about pilot protection. The longer the pilot survives-the better. That means life support, shields and regeneration. Pilots tweaked their ships a bit, but hardly did two X-wings different from each other that much.


Scum&Villainly, space pirate ninja mercenaries, riding all sorts of ships, not really fresh designs, not that effective, but each pilot modded his ship to his taste into bizarre forms, to the point that a pilot chair is the only thing that's not changed from staple design.


Currently in-game things aren't exactly the way they should be.

Only Tie Swarm and rebels comply with their role representation, other empire ships aren't staple (except for EU slapped onto everything possible at PS8+)

and S&V customization is at par with the Empire, if not lower.


General idea: make S&V ships customizeable, so that you could create a number of unique designs, making sure there'll be builds for more tasks and designs suitable for more pilots.


Variant 1: in-ship modifications, titles. 

Not the way Heavy scyk was implemented (oh god, why) 


Variant 2: illicit upgrades 


Variant 3: other slot upgrades


Variant 4: Combination of them


Variant 1 is the most clumsy one, but the most highly tweakable and least possible to produce cadavers with power levels reaching PWT-levels pre-TLT


But, if one would give it a try, it might work.

Every part is put under the spoiler to avoid textwalls


Scyk is sick ?

Scyk scyks  ?

Scyk sucks  ?

Not cheap for a swarmer, not maneuverable for ace, not formidable enough for weapon platrofm.

Scyk: while title already exists, introduction of double cards opens up a wide array of abilities and possible tweaks


Missile pods

3 points 

2 attack R 1-3

requires TL

For every Crit rolled, remove Crit result and add 2 Hit results

After performing attack, flip card


Missile pod ejection

Action: flip this card


Vectored engines:

Mod: Scyk only; 

2 points

Immediately before revealing maneuver dial, perform a barrel [not action] roll using 1 bank template.


Kinetic cannons

Secondary; Heavy scyk only

2 points

2 attack R1-3

For every Focus rolled, roll additional die
For every Crit rolled, the defender suffers 1 stress. Flip this card


Overheated kinetic cannons
Action: flip this card


Cartel property

Scyk only mod

You gain 1 Illicit upgrade slot


Black sun thug

Scyk only mod 1 point

Increases Hull value by 1

Guild member

Scyk only mod

You may equip extra Modification at 2 point discount




Kihraxz is nice, but it's abilities are at par with Wave 3 meta, at best.

Slightly better furballer than T-65, Slightly worse as an ace platform than T-65, Jouster who's not perfect for jousts.

and a beauty for the shelves as well :D



Kihraxz has 3 sides

1. jouster. isn't the best side in current ace-tlt meta. 

2. knife-fighter. 1-hard begs for such duty, but it isn't a B-wing with adv sensor beauty, so it needs something else to not fear the furball

3. ace-platform. I won't start the Boost hype, for it never ended.

But ace platform needs upgrades. something it lacks heavily.


Junkyard dog
kihraxz title 0 points

You lose 1 shield, missile slot

adds 2 hull points


Black sun assault specialist

Kihraxz title 2 points

Your missile slot and modification upgrades get 2 point discount each.


Cartel brawler

Kihraxz title 2 points

Your upgrade bar gains Barrel roll action

You must use 1 bank template when performing barrel roll action.


Heavy duty fighter

Kihraxz modification 2 points

Your upgrade bar gains 1 Unhinged astro, 1 Tech or 1 Illicit icon.


Gladiator refit

Kihraxz modification 1 point

Adds 1 Hull point. 

When you are dealt a crit, you may discard this card and forfeit the extra hull point to discard the crit before reading the card.




It's cool-looking, it's weird, disturbingly alien in design, function and role.

While it more likely requires a pilot pack to utilize it's sensor slot and boost-BR combo

generics are still lackluster (and I'm being too generous with such words. they suck scyks)


PS8 pilot. 

Fix enough! lol


Ps6 EPT-generic


Mando-motors Starviper

Title; Starviper only

Your upgrade bar gains Illicit and Tech slots


Consortium war hound

Starviper title 4 points

Immediately after revealing a 

hard maneuver - perform a free barrel roll action

bank maneuver - assign an evade token to your ship


Mass production 

Starviper title 0 points

Your upgrade bar loses Torpedo slot

You may equip 1 Modification for free


Y-wing isn't lacking, but it's a bit...staple?

Cartel smuggler

Y-wing modification 1 point

Scum only

Your upgrade bar gains Illicit slot



Y-wing modification 2 points

Scum only

Your upgrade bar gains Crew slot



Y-wing modification

You may not equip Turret upgrades

You may equip Secondary weapons into Turret slot and treat them as Turret upgrades


Modifying big ships is problematic, due to variety of slots they have.


Illicit upgrade slot can be utilized in many many ways!



Hidden bomb compartment

Illicit 0 points


Your upgrade bar gains Bomb slot


hardwired astromech

Illicit: 1 point


Your upgrade bar gains merc astromech slot

When you gain an ion token, roll attack die. on Focus result, discard the astromech.



Illicit: 2 points


Action: perform boost action

[no autothrusters, sorry, Kobra]


Extra shield layering

Illicit 4 point


when you lose a shield, roll 1 defense die

On Evade result, recover 1 shield


Hidden crew compartment

Illicit: 3 points


Your upgrade bar gains Crew slot. 



Other slot upgrades are hard to use, but who knows, maybe it's the right way?

Astromech crew 1 point


Crew; Scum only

Add 1 Merc Astromech slot


Expanded cargo capacity

Modification 1 pts

Scum only

Your upgrade bar gains 1 Illicit or 1 Crew slot


Torpedo tube re-purposing

Torpedo slot 2 points

Your upgrade bar gains 1 missile slot or 1 secondary weapon slot



While some may be ways to horrible horrible combos, these horrible combos might actually be able to bump little to no used ships to competitive levels.

And make a S&V fleet truly a heap of upgrade cards that interact in unusual and fun ways, tailored by a pilot to his..... exquisite...(sick bastard)...tastes


*prays to the printer God, so that his priests of development read the thread and see the merit of 

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I'd like to hear some more opinions, if people could help with designs and possible flaws, wording macabre and all

I'd be able to get to PS and make some SPACE PIRATE cards with all that.

You know

for casual play and campaign environment 

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I actually like the Heavy Scyk except for one thing: IT COSTS TOO MUCH.  Then there is the little thing where you only ever equip cannons to the ship but that is simply because most cannon are so much more efficient than missiles or torpedoes.  I'd almost consider adding Autoblasters to the Scyk before I'd ever add any ordnance available to the Scyk when it launched.


Scum Y-Wing customization comes from their salvaged Astromechs.  It may just be me but I like more of them than I do many standard Astromechs.

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