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First Imperial fleet build-thoughts?

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So up until recently I would just casually play with my friends, just having a good time and playing very lax but now I want to start playing more seriously and possibly compete at a gaming store.  This is my first fleet build so forgive my ignorance. Please comment what y'all think! 


Total=400 points


Commander-Darth Vader 36 Points.


Imperial Class Star Destroyer II-120 points

Devastator-10 points

Engineering Captain-6 points

XX-9 turbolasers-5 points

SW-7 Ion batteries-5

Quad Laser Turrets- 5 points

Redundant Shields- 8 points

Ruthless Strategists- 4 points


Raider I-Class corvette- 44 points

Instigator-4 points

Admiral Montferrat-5 points

Expanded Launchers-13 points

Point-Defense Reroute- 5 points


Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer-56 points

Demolisher-10 points



Boba Fett-26 points

Soontir Fel- 18 points

Tie Advanced- 12 points

Tie Fighter- 8 Points





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I think that a lone TIE fighter is a bit of a waste, they're best for swarming.
Your fleet in general lacks focus, and you didn't say what objectives you would take.

I think your Raider is a bit overloaded for how easily they die.
In general I think you should avoid loading your ships so heavily and spread the points around a bit. If you strip down some upgrades you could fit a fourth ship in there, which would help a good bit.

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Honestly with some of the builds I have seen like the wacky CR90 swarms with SW7s they can merc an ISD in one round or damage it to such an extent that someone can try to roll up and pick it off. If they take down your ISD you would be hard pressed to win and with how easy Raiders go down I would say the fleet would be routed in short order.

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I'd put ECMs on the ISD rather than redundant shields, I know as someone who didn't play competitivly for a while, redundant shields look really nice, but play a few games and you'll realise you really want to always be able to use a brace.

Before you look elsewhere have a good long look at XI7s before you consider other turbolasers, and then, if you have the points consider pairing them with an Intel officer, give them a road test, and tell me it isn't a really good combo.

I also think you may have a few too many points invested in your raider, consider dropping it down to just a bare raider with ordinance experts, maybe with a title. It sustainable doesn't have enough staying power to warrant that much of a point investment.

Sorry if this sounded overly critical, I didn't mean it to, I just was in a similar position to you and have learnt some lessons the hard way.

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