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Rogue One t-65 x-wing in new colours (spoiler)

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I hope the space combat is more OT and less E7. The slower pace worked better for what is essentially Spitfires VS Bf109s IN SPACE. The new space battles were just colours and lights moving too fast for my brain to comprehend or understand what was going on.

I agree. I enjoyed the dog fights for what they were, and I'd agree with the assessment that they were 'balletic', but what I loved about the Battle of Yavin was that I felt like I was given time to really learn a lot about who the pilots were.


Ello Asty, Greg Grunburg Pilot, Jessika Pava, some have names but they don't even get spoken in the films, never mind us getting any chance to know them. It was nice to see a bunch of fighter pilots but I hope a future film has some flight scenes where we really 'get to know them'.




The difference here being that the space fight in Ep. IV takes a mite longer than the dogfighting in Ep. VII... 

Compare it to the space fight(s) in Ep. VI... you don't get to know the pilots there either, because of the considerably faster pace of the fighting.

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