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Max Wax

Expansion packs from AGOT LCG V.1

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I have not been playing AGOT LCG for a long time now. I have a solid card pool. The last full cycle of packs I bought was The "Secrets of The Old Town".

Now with the AGOT LCG vol.1 card pool being closed, I am thinking about buying some more chapter packs from the cycles I do not have (It is intended for causal play with friends). 

I am not sure I want to own everything from the AGOT LCG vol.1 era. I am an old era player (I started with the black borders Iron Throne ed). And I would like to keep my AGOT gaming "old-school".


Some extra info - my favourite factions are Greyjoy and Martell. And I own all the deluxe expansions. 


I would be very thankful if you could clarify a few things for me: 


1. which packs or cycles are worthy of buying?

2. What new mechanics (new rules, new aspects to the game) were added in the cycles like:

A Tale of Champions

Beyond the Narrow Sea

A Song of the Sea


Conquest and Defiance



3. Which of these new additions from the cycles mentioned above are the most fun or expand the strategic aspect of the game? and which were destabilising the game/making it less fun/perhaps some of the latest additions to the game were not working well, if any?


Thank you for your help!

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