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What price is reasonable for this collection? Looking to sell

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Since I haven't played for year, I'm looking to sell my collection. Before I put it on ebay an such sites, I'm wondering, what would be a reasonable price for the following collection. Could anybody do an educated guess? I'm based in the Netherlands.




Core set (all cards 3x)
Secret of Arkham (all cards 3x)


Forgotten Lore Dream Cycle:
At the Mountains of Madness| 5x alaskan sledge dog
Ancient Horrors


Summons of the Deep Dream Cycle:
 (2x) Spawn of the Sleeper| 3x rabbits foot, 3x called by azathoth, 3 x those without faces
The Horror Beneath the Surface| 2x infernal obsession| missing: muddy waters
The Antediluvian Dream| 2x descendant of eibon
The Terror of the Tides
The Thing from the Shore
The Path to Y'ha-nthlei


The Dreamlands Cycle:
Twilight Horror| 6x ghoulish hag, missing beings of ib
In Memory of Day
(x2)In the Dread of Night| 3x cavern of the flame
(x2)The Search for the Silver Key| 3x guardian pillar
Sleep of the Dead| missing in an unmarked grave, richard upton pickman
Journey to Unknown Kadath


The Yuggoth Contract Cycle:
Whispers in the Dark
Murmurs of Evil
The Spoken Covenant
The Wailer Below
Screams from Within
The Cacophony

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