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Guidance chips... Is ten numb the biggest winner?

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I'd at first dismissed Ordnance Ten: crit bypass only comes into effect when you'd otherwise miss which makes damage based ordnance inferior to the Mangler Cannon. It hadn't occured to me that he's effectively a torpedo version of Lieutenant Blount with Guidance Chips, and unlike Blount he gets two shots.



no doubt that guidance chip works superbly on Ten but still that is only 1 guaranteed damage which Mangler kind of does so (mangler's weakness is sensor jammer). But then again there is still the point expenditure and also what else. IMHO I think if guidance chip was to be used on Ten Nunmb it would be with Plasma Torpedoes and EM to ensure that you do no less than 2 damage a shot. But again 36 point B-wing makes a nice B-wing trophy on your opponent's MOV rack and that is not including B-wing power upgrades like sensors and cannons.

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Here's a list that I cobbled together since the release of the chimps. I'm really excited to get it on the table and try it out.



Horton (25)

TLT (6)

Proton Torp (4)

Extra Mun (2)

R2-D6 (1)

Crack Shot (1)

Guidance (0)

39 points


Nera (26)

Proton Torp (4)

FCS (2)

EM (2)

Deadeye (1)

GC (0)

35 points


Goldie Stresshog (18)

TLT (6)

R3-A2 (2)

BTL-A4 (0)

26 points



Pick your poison. Concerned about Nera hitting you with a Torp out of her arc at range 3 and choose to focus her down first? OK, then Horton has a chance to rip you to shreds with his devastating torps. Take care of the ordnance boats first? Stesshog is going to pile a ton of stress on your ships.


Range 1 is an issue here which can be partially mitigated by formation and where you go. I initially had an R2 on Horton instead of the EPT mech so you could drop that and Crackshot for increased mobility. I keep going back and forth on the Deadeye option for Nera but it's probably the right move.


Even if it isn't super competitive it will be fun to try out. It certainly has some solid matchups.

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I think Ten with Ion Torpedoes is certainly worth a thought.




How about:

  • Ten Numb - Veteran Instincts, Advanced Sensors, Ion Torpedoes, Extra Munitions, Guidance Chip
  • Nera Dantels - Deadeye, Accuracy Corrector, Flechette Torpedoes, Munitions Failsafe

Gives you about 25 points left to get a third ship.

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@Galactic Funk:   I think Horton should either go TLT or go ordnance, but I think both is too much on him. 


... hm.


Nera (Deadeye, PTorps, EM, GC)

Horton (TLT)

Miranda (TLT, Chopper, Long Range Scanners)

99 pts, put the last point on whatever ship you fancy (Probably an R2 for Horton)


You now have three must-kill-quickly ships, and Nera is firing last - after no less that four TLT shots, at least two of which are extra-accurate.


Your games will be over... quickly. :) Watch for swarms, though!


There is a local guy who has been playing something along the lines of:


Nera (Marksman, PTorps, EM)

Horton (TLT)

Dutch (TLT)


Nera flies forward and activates Marksman.  Dutch flies up and grabs a TL for him and Nera.  Horton and Dutch can strip tokens off and weaken the target that Nera then slams into with a Proton Torpedo.  It's pretty brutal.  All three don't even have to hit the dame target each round as it usually just takes one TLT to weaken a target before Nera hits it. 


What's also insidious is who do you fire at?  Nera is the immediate threat, but in a B-wing, it's hard to burn through all those shield and hull fast enough.  As soon as her two Torpedoes are done, she isn't nearly the threat that she was at first.  Horton is vicious with his TLT that rarely misses (and fires high PS).  I'd probably say Dutch is the one to go for.  If you are somehow able to kill Dutch before Nera fires all her Torpedoes, then it's much harder for her to get her efficiency shot with the Torpedo. 


This has been a pretty mean list and most people have had a really hard time defeating it....at least locally.

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