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Bad break for Silas Marsh

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So we were playing a four player game of EH over the weekend, and poor Silas Marsh had some exceedingly bad luck.


He was trying to finish off a wounded Tick-Tock Men epic monster.  The Tick-Tock Men were down to one health, while Silas had three. So all he needed was one sucess to both kill Tick-Tock and survive himself.  He was Blessed and was rolling three dice.  Pretty darn good odds.  Unfortunately all three dice came up a three or less.  But wait!  Silas also had the artifact* that allows any number of dice to be re-rolled at the cost of Sanity.  So Silas coughs up the Sanity and rerolls all three dice.  And again, nothing higher than a three!  We were shocked.  Poor Silas, felled by a series of dice rolls that occur with less than a 2% chance (if I did my math right).


Actually we were so shocked I think we forgot all about his Fishing Net.  That would have given him another reroll, and saved him from one point of damage, keeping him alive.  We ended up winning the game anyway, so luckily it was not a game changing oversight.


*EDIT - It wasn't an artifact that allows rerolls by speding Sanity.  Just the simple Axe item.

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