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Psy rating +5?

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On psychic atacks astroapths get +5 to his roll per psy point used, right?

If mentioned psyker is on recieving end, do he gets some kind of bonus too?


Saw this weird talent:

Bastion of Iron Will

He doubles his defensive Psy Rating on any Opposed Test


What does it do? What does defensive psy do?


As i can currently understand-

psykers atacking get +5 per psy and can push.

BUT psykers defending too get +5 per psy, but cannot push.


(would make sense if psyker vs normal person would get more strenght, but not that much against another psyker, right?)


with this talent psyker doubles his psy if defending.

meaning that psyker with 40 wp and 4 psy would have to pass wth a roll of- 40+4*2(double from talen)*5=40+8*5=80?



mby someone actually knows this?

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The Defensive Psy Rating is only specifically mentioned in Bastion of Iron Will, which makes it super weird for the purposes of this game. Here's how I treat it:


The exact text of increasing your Psy Rating is: 


When making a Focus Power Test, the psyker adds +5 to his Characteristic for each level of his effective Psy Rating. Note that a psyker’s effective Psy Rating may be different from his normal Psy Rating, depending on whether or not he is using the Technique at a Fettered, Unfettered, or Push level, or if there are other effects in play.


The key section is making a Focus Power Test. When targetted by something that allows for an Opposed Willpower or Psyniscience Test, it's conceivable that they would be able to able to use their Psy Rating as normal. That makes it very, very dangerous to target Psykers with Psychic powers though, and the ambiguity here is enough that I ignore defensive Psy Rating.


Psykers get enough overpowered stuff.

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