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A thought on grimness - Is the Thrill gone?

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Heres another thought on gritty cult like grimness. The White dwarf magazine was a very good magazine before it ended as a commercial for all things GW. Back in the issues before around issue 100 they had columns like:


On the boil
Letters from the readers
Good articles on panting and sculpting
Some RPG scenario, rule suggestion/review og source material
A lot of news and add for different hobby stores and other games
Cartoons like Thrud, gobble dy **** and Caleb Daark...

What can I say? Ttoday the thrill is sort of gone, and maybe that is what some of the old fans are missing, but where can we find a mag paper og web based that has the same atmophere?

There was always something on WFRP RPGing and the hobby  back in those days...

And after all I think Jay owes us a session demo video gran_risa.gif


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Remember the Sabbat flexi vinal record in issue 95? I'm still a Sabbat fan to this day (well, what's left after the split). I have two copies of that issue, one where I took the record out and one where I left it in. I don't have a record player anymore though :(

Anyone know if an MP3 of that song was ever made? It was called 'Blood for the Blood God'.


Found the issue, but no music:


Holy crap... I found it on Youtube...


...and wtf is this? A Blood God metal song I've never heard.


...and another

Debauchery kind of grows on you like a creepy fungus.


I work midnights (for the moment) and I have way too much time on my hands. Ignore me.

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Ahh, the days. Lots of roleplaying material. Add-ons for the GW games. I remember when we cut out the new Talisman characters and set up a game immediately! Curse of the Mummy's Tomb - sigh! Even Dark Future... nowadays its only WFB. And I don't play WFB. sad.gif

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