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Does a Hunter resolve his card when removed from combat?

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In combat, the rules are clear about when a hunter's card is canceled, but does it still resolve if the hunter is removed from combat?


We determined that it does resolve, possibly allowing a hunter a parting punch, but there is some doubt.





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The card of a hunter defeated in combat does not resolve.  The Rules Reference for "Combat" addresses this in two places.


A. In Combat Step 5, "Resolve Dracula’s Effect", there is a note that "†† If all hunters in the combat are defeated after Dracula resolves his revealed card’s effect, the combat immediately ends." So clearly if there is only one hunter currently in the combat, his card does not resolve. 


But this leaves some ambiguity in the case where there are other hunters still in the fight.

B. In Combat Step 6, "Resolve Hunter’s Effect", the rule reads "Each hunter in the combat resolves the effect of his revealed card." Since hunters not at the current location would never have played a card to begin with, the only reason to specify "hunter in the combat" is to exclude defeated hunters from having their cards resolve.

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