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Hunters' Night Movement and Combat

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In the last game I played, the hunters used the event card that allowed them to travel at night. One of the hunters found Dracula and wanted to have combat with him. This resulted in two questions, the first being whether the combat takes place at dawn or not and the second being when Dracula gets to move (before or after the combat).

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This is clear from the turn structure. Combat between Dracula and Hunters always takes place at either Dawn or Dusk (whichever comes first).


Having played the event card "Long Night" the hunters are moving during their Night turn. One (or more) moves onto Dracula's location.

Then it is Dracula's turn. He takes his regular move, which could be to leave the current location and avoid combat (unless he moves to another city with a hunter). Or, he could use a Power Card (Feed, Hide, Dark Call) to stay on the location.


After Dracula's turn is over, it is Dawn. Only if Dracula and a hunter(s) are in the same city at this time does combat occur.


In other words, at night Dracula has the opportunity to leave town before combat occurs.

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