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Lure of the Lost question? (Map related) **Spoilers**

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Just finished beginner adventure and was going to move on with Lure of the Lost but I'm having trouble figuring out where the locations are using the map from the beginner game. ( or the same map from the module)


The main map has the archives, assembly hall, and the holocron chamber labeled but I can't find ( or discern) where the external security center is or the internal security center.


It state that the lower levels of the temple remained barred. Once the security doors at the back of the great hall open, the PC's can enter the first subevel. is there a map of this sublevel? THen it goes on to describe a second sublevel? Where? then the vaults? Is that the room with a blue force field in the middle of it? What room is that?


Any help would be appreciated. . . I feel like I'm missing a map or something.






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This is an old topic (you may have figured it out by now), but you'll find with this system that you'll often not have a map to use, or if you do, it's a very high level one (like the map of the valley itself).  


So, as you play, you'll just have to describe the surroundings to the players and have them imagine where they are.  Or, you can always use a dry erase board and draw stuff on your own (there's probably also maps online that people have made themselves that you could download and print out)

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