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Early Campaign Idea Feedback

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I recently started a EotE campaign with my long time gaming group and decided to start with the beginner box as we're all new to the system.


I ran our group through Escape from Mos Shutta with some changes. I started them in the prison cells within Teemo's palace where they had to escape.  In addition, they received assistance from a slave girl, Deisha, within the palace who distracted the guards and opened the cells.  In the city afterwards, the players spoke with this slave girl who arranged their escape so they could in turn help her escape Mos Shutta on the Krayt Fang and take her back to her family on Ryloth. From there all proceeded mostly as expected with the exception that the players killed Overseer Brynn and only distracted Trex (some good plot elements for later hopefully).


Here's the initial twist to the idea: The slave girl is actually an under cover agent within the palace working alone, who marked the PCs so she could use them to get on the Krayt Fang and obtain some information/cargo Trex was smuggling for Teemo in addition to his normal illicit items.  


At first she was perhaps going to be from the veiled sorority in Mask of the Pirate Queen, so I could save that for down the road. However, I made our obligation roll and it hit on one of our bounty hunter PCs who is under contract to the Black Sun. I'm thinking now she should be an agent in the palace for the Black Sun keeping tabs on Teemo's actions. There's cargo on the Krayt Fang she wanted access to and started this in motion. This will lead to her eventually revealing herself and all of the PCs being offered jobs within the Black Sun.


I was going to run Long Arm of the Hutt, but now i'm considering taking only bits and pieces of the published info.  My idea for where to go with it is Teemo is looking to take over much of the Hutt Cartel over time and make some big moves on Tatooine. He is stockpiling weapons and combat droids on Ryloth at the Ryll mines, which is sort of a cover for Teemo. Teemo needs to keep the details of this under wraps, not only to hide it from his rivals, but because these weapons and droids are being provided by the Empire (part of the reason the Empire helped Teemo in Mos Shutta).  Teemo in turn is providing smuggling information to the Empire provided by his own moles/agents throughout the galaxy- cargo whereabouts, smuggler ship IDs/locations, etc. something which would cause much of the underworld to have a big problem with him.  The Empire likes this for a couple of reasons: 1) they are getting valuable smuggling info which they believe may help lead them to the whereabouts of Rebels and 2) they are staging a coup where when Teemo does much of their own job for them and if he succeeds, becomes a puppet of the Empire. If he doesn't cooperate, he can always be wiped out later. This is much better for them than an all out fight with much of the underworld/Hutts as they are spread pretty thin in the Outer Rim especially after the recent destruction of the first Death Star.


The cargo on the Krayt fang includes some of this smuggler/blackmail information on datacards in a locked container.  The Black Sun has been in suspicion of Teemo for a while, hence the agent in the palace, who wants to get access to some of this information before it leaves Mos Shutta. The Black Sun believes Teemo's actions may be responsible for a number of cargos getting caught and many indirect compromises in their activities across the galaxy. 


They also want to know what Teemo knows before making any bigger moves and how deep this goes.  This is where the PCs come in. Maybe the Black Sun agent/slave girl tips off her own superior on Ryloth who offers them a job to penetrate the Ryll mines, which actually a compound for Teemo (and potentially even Imperial agents) where more leaked/blackmail information can be found - something along the lines of Zahn's Scoundrels novel for those who have read it. Eventually the Black Sun want the PCs to take out Teemo, or help him, who knows...maybe they kill Teemo and the Black Sun want to use it as an 'in' for the PCs to work as double agents in Bargos the Hutt's (to maybe play Debts to Pay)...or maybe the PCs betray the Black Sun, keep the info for themselves and sell it on the black market...lots of opportunity for them. The Empire will be on their tail as they already killed an Imperial officer and they are messing with their plans.

I did pick up Mask of the Pirate Queen and eventually will tie that in and run it down the line as it seems like a cool adventure for the makeup of my group.


Any thoughts or feedback to this campaign idea?


Thanks in advance for any help! 

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