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TMG Cards, T-65, T-70 and T-85 X-Wings

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Hello. Awhile back I posted a suggestion for buffing the T-65 X-Wing (original TMG X-Wing), to make it more viable. My ideas didn't get anywhere because of the B.S "canon and extended universe preachers". Since then, more information about the X-Wing's have surfaced, making my point even stronger than before.. That this is not "canon" or "extended universe". Lets first look at the Title Card suggestion for the T-65 (only) that I gave back then:

T-65B Model: Lore wise this was the sturdiest X-Wing. Due to its heavy armor, and early design, it was still slower than the Tie Fighters. It was very easy to learn and fly. T-65B Title Card increases Hull Value, and Shield Value by 1. Decreases cost by 1. Your 4 Straight becomes a red maneuver (if 1 shield and 1 hull is too OP then leave it as 1 hull or shield only)

T-65D-A1 Model: This was an attempt to remove the Astromech from the X-Wing. They were trying to use computer in place of the Astromech to help the pilot. T-65D-A1 Title Card removes the Astromech Slot. Grants 1 Focus when in range 1 of an enemy ship

T-65AC4 Model: This was perhaps the last T-65 Model. It was the superior model as it had increased engine power, increased Torpedo capacity, and armor. T-65AC4 Model Title Card decreases Torpedo or Missile Cost by 2. Grants the Boost Icon

T-65 Missile Conversion Card: There is reference in the books and in the internet that T-65's used Torpedoes as their standard mission load out. They could be equipped with Missiles, if a mechanic spent enough time to do so. T-65 Missile Conversion Modification changes the Torpedo slot to Missiles. If using the T-65AC4 Title Card, this card costs 0

Why do I think my old idea, is even stronger than before? The T-70 and T-85. The above models are directly related. Here is a little thing about it:

The T-70 is an older model X-Wing. By the time it even came out, it was replaced by the T-85. The T-85 was a continuation based on the T-65B Model. They even said this in the info: "Commander Poe Dameron flew T-85 X-wings with the rest of Rapier Squadron while serving the New Republic" < As we can see here they put an outdated Model in the new movie. Not only that, this falls under "canon" or "extended universe". Now that TMG is using "canon" or "extended" material it's only fair.

If that isn't enough of a reason, then look at the movies or books. There was subtle references to the T-65 models.

With that out of the way I will post the rest of my ideas. This one involves another Modification Card idea. Let's look at the X-Wing Fire modes to understand that:

The X-wing's laser cannons had various settings:

Single fire, where each cannon fired individually;
Dual fire, where two cannons in opposite positions paired up and the pairs fired alternately;
Quad fire, where all four cannons (one at each foil-tip) fired together, converging on the target; or
Stutter fire, where many underpowered beams were fired in rapid succession (added during Yuuzhan Vong War)

X-Wing Stutter Fire Card (X-Wing, and T-70 X Wing): Discard this card, to lower the Agility Value of your Target by 2 (no damage)
X-Wing Quad Fire Card (X-Wing, and T-70 X Wing): Discard this card to increase your attack value by 1 for this turn (if you think that is under powered, increase to 2)

The last idea I have for X-Wing's, is regarding an Elite Pilot Talent called "Red Squadron" (X-Wing and T-70 X-Wing). If you have a Target Lock on your enemy, your other Ships may treat that Target Lock as their own (IE One Target Lock for all of your ships)

The final idea for this post is regarding X-Wing TMG Merchandise. I hate the idea of having to buy a brand new expansion pack just to get a few cards, when I already have the models. I think they should set up a custom ordering system, where you can buy the cards you need. I think it would be fair to charge $15 for custom ordering or something. I certainly would rather pay the cost of an expansion, to get the stack of cards I need, rather than buy 2 or 3 separate expansions just to get it.

Thoughts, ideas?

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