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Kaito The Blade

Weapon Proficency Differences

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Okay, so this came up in a game and I wasn't sure how to answer so I decided to go with a yes then for the moment and get some help because I cannot figure it out.  #Isadunce


What is the differences between the different types of weapon categories: Basic, Melee, Pistol.


I know the obvious differences in how things apply but the minor ones I'm having a hard time with.


I'll use what happened in the game as an example. Scum Hiver has a Las pistol, cant use it so he tosses it to the feral assassin. The assassin has a Basic Las training but not a Pistol Las training. Does she still take the penalty? I reduced the penalty by half because I felt "basic" meant "enough not to shoot yourself but not enough to be well proficient"


What is the real answer I should have given?


So in essence my problem is how does Basic X Training correlate to things that overlap with Melee X and Pistol X training when they are the same type of training as stated in the above example.



((PS Sorry I know this is really awkwardly written but I don't know how to better explain the question I have.))

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By RAW, there is no cross-utility between the weapon trainings. Being proficient in SP Pistols does not make you any better at firing Basic SP weapons. Being good at Heavy Las weapons doesn't make you better at using las pistols. And so on and so forth. By RAW there is no overlap.


That said, you can still USE weapons you are not proficient with (unless the weapon notes otherwise) you just take a -20 penalty. 



There IS the talent Arms Master which allows you to use any weapon you are untrained with on a -10 though, which might be useful.


But no, in your example, the Assassin would still suffer the full penalties of firing a weapon he/she is not proficient in, even with Basic Weapon Training (Las).

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Melee Weapon Training Talents are for melee weapons.

Pistol Weapon Training Talents are for one-handed pistol weapons.

Basic Weapon Training Talents are for two-handed rifles/shotgun type weapons. 

The other category is Heavy; manportable lascannon, heavy bolter, muli-melta etc etc.



Pistol training (Las) you can use a las pistol without penalty.

Basic Training (Las) you can use a lasgun, lascarabine, longlas, without penalty.



So, in the example you gave, the Feral Assassin would have a -20 penalty as he does not know the proper Machine Litanies/usage of a laspistol.  But he can use his longlas without trouble as he starts with Basic Weapon Training (Las)

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