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I realize I'm coming in to answer this question rather late, but I've only just started poking around the L5R community again after quite a hiatus. After seeing this, I was inspired to update the CFS collection for a 4th Edition design (and mechanics, where needed). This version of the complete collection includes ten new ones that have never been in the PDFs before, I'm afraid I never archived any of Nazomitsu's CFS scenarios after #110. So if anyone has them, please let me know and I will gladly add them to the collection. Likewise, if you find anything that needs fixing (e.g. typos, 3rd Edition mechanics), shoot me a PM and I'll try to get it fixed.


Challenge, Focus, Strike! – The Complete Collection (#1-110)

Edited by Pirate Spice

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You're very welcome. I love creating things like this that can be shared with the community. Naturally, this project would never have been possible without the brilliant mind, hard work, and generosity of Isawa Nazomitsu.

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Pirate Spice, I have Isawa Nazomitsu's works up to #181 saved. I even put forth a little effort to put them into sad, pale imitations of your collections of his work. I did not finish, though. Numbers 119 through 122 where Isawa Nazomitsu did scenario requests are saved, though not compiled.

They are all yours if would like.


Week 1 - Is Worth Worth it? (aka A Matter of Worth)
Week 2 - Dead Guy in a Bathroom (aka Much Ado About Nothing)

Week 3 - The Price of Blasphemy
Week 4 - It's What's For Dinner! (aka Behind Closed Doors)
Week 5 - Horsing Around (aka All Fools' Day)
Week 6 - March of the Snow Queen (aka As Driven Snow)
Week 7 - Garden Pests
Week 8 - The New Boss (aka Good Help is Hard to Find)
Week 9 - When the Student is Ready
Week 10 - A Devilish Debt
Week 11 - Footsteps of my Forebears
Week 12 - The Tomb of Takeda Fujimu
Week 13 - Do You Have an Appointment?
Week 14 - Letters of Intrigue
Week 15 - Civil Blood Makes Civil Hands Unclean
Week 16 - Tides of Chaos
Week 17 - Love and Marriage
Week 18 - Sins of the Father

Weapon scenarios
Week 19 - The Shot Heard 'Round the Empire

Week 20 - To Know My Enemy

Week 21 - Yoshimoto's Legacy
Week 22 - Tarnished Steel, Tarnished Deeds

Ghost and Spirit scenarios
Week 23 - The Weight of Our Heritage

Week 24 - Appetite for Destruction

Week 25 - In the Spirit of Cooperation
Week 26 - The Way of a Mother's Love

Bandit scenarios
Week 27 - Slick as Silk

Week 28 - Not all that Glitters is Gold

Week 29 - Robins, Hoods, and Merry Men
Week 30 - A Revolting Development
Week 31 - Crime and Punishment

Zombie scenarios - The Bloodscroll Saga
Week 32- Duel of the Dead

Week 33- Town of the Dead

Week 34 - Dead Men Walking
Week 35 - Seige of the Dead (aka Zombies Ate My Army!)

Winter Court scenarios part 1
Week 36 - A Loyal Retainer

Week 37 - A Friend's Betrayal

Week 38 - Outbreak
Week 39 - A Feast Fit For Kings
Week 40 - Of Prophecies and Men
Week 41 - Forgive and Forget
Week 42 - A Child's Vengeance
Week 43 - The Gifted Poet
Week 44 - Under Pressure
Week 45 - When Wisdom and Image Collide
Week 46 - A Matter of Recognition
Week 47 - A Loss of Vase
Week 48 - The Play's the Thing (aka Dramatic License)

Oni scenarios
Week 49 - Keep Your Enemies Closer

Week 50 - My Word is My Bond

Week 51 - The Oni's Prison
Week 52 - Baby Dolls

Naga scenarios
Week 53 - Cultural Exchange (aka Snake-Tongued Messenger)

Week 54 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (aka Enter the Naga, aka A Matter of Scale)

Week 55 - What's Yours is Mine (aka Battle of the Crystal Vale, aka The Shadowed Valley)
Week 56 - Equal Rites (aka Servant of Snakes)
Week 57 - Stranger among Strangers (aka Do you Grok Me?)

Nezumi scenarios
Week 58 - Ratlings of NIMH (aka Traped Like Rats, aka The Tribunal)

Week 59 - A Helping Paw

Week 60 - Lost and found-found (aka Equal Rats)
Week 61 - The Little Teacher (aka Furry Accusations)

Goblin scenarios
Week 62 - Down, down, down, to Goblintown! (aka Darkness from the Mountain, aka Shadows in the Dark)

Week 63 - A Shadow of Doubt (aka Grubby Little Hands)

Week 64 - Cultural Exchange (aka Nature vs Nurture)
Week 65 - The Head of the Beast

Animal scenarios
Week 66 - The Sapphire Chef

Week 67 - Hunting Hana (aka Hidden Hana)

Week 68 - Runt of the Litter
Week 69 - Who Hunts the Hunter (aka Cat and Mouse, aka Hunter and Prey)
Week 70 - The Early Samurai Catches the Bird

Shadowlands scenarios - The Obsidian Idol Affair
Week 71 - Idol Hands (aka The Shadowed Village, aka Blackened Figures)

Week 72 - Compassion and Mercy (aka The 3rd Pillar)

Week 73 - Shared Burden (aka Tainted Sympathy)
Week 74 - Hostile Territory

Potpourri/Variety Month
Week 75 - Ikebana Dance

Week 76 - Waiting for Godo

Week 77 - Too Many Women
Week 78 - Portents and Signs (aka Wisdom and Responsibility)

Week 79 - Random CFS Generator, CFS-Libs, and Choose Your Own CFS

Ally or Enemy scenarios
Week 80 - The Sweetest Gift

Week 81 - Unforgettable Gift, Unforgivable Gift

Week 82 - The Honor Guard
Week 83 - Reputation

Ninja scenarios
Week 84 - Masks and Masquerades (aka First Impressions, aka On)

Week 85 - Noritada, Noritada (aka Kage Musha, aka In the Lord's Image)

Week 86 - Nothing Serious
Week 87 - Familiar Strangers

Winter Court scenarios part 2
Week 88 - Great Deeds and Tall Tales

Week 89 - Master and Student

Week 90 - Elemental Affection
Week 91 - Unubore's Exploits
Week 92 - The Poetry of Life

Romance scenarios
Week 93 - Love Comes in Many Guises

Week 94 - In Love and War

Week 95 - A Gift of Love
Week 96 - Life or Love (aka Reika's Love)

More of Winter Court scenarios part 2
Week 97 - I Know What You Did Last Summer

Week 98 - An Unlikely Hero

Week 99 - I Know What You Did This Winter
Week 100 - 101 Rokugani Nights and Days (aka In the Emperor's Court)


Duel scenarios
Week 101 - Challenging Times

Week 102 - The Enemy of my Enemy is my Pawn (aka Bloodlust)

Week 103 - Baruda's Heel
Week 104 - Like Taking Sweets from the Children (aka An Unfair Advantage)

Fortune scenarios
Week 105 - Fortunes Favour Me (aka Divine Intervention, aka Bishamon's Blessing)

Week 106 - Balance In All Things (aka The Gods Must be Crazy, aka Kharmic Compensation)

Week 107 - The Price of Immortality (aka Sisyphus)
Week 108 - Fortune's Children (aka Destiny's Child)
Week 109 - Just Desserts

Tsu Fish scenarios
Week 110 - One Fish, Tsu Fish! (aka Tsu Many Fish, aka Heeere Fishy Fishy Fishy!)

Week 111 - Fool's Gold (aka GoldFish)

Week 112 - The Tsu, the Bad, and the Uglies (aka Eel the Tsu, aka Tsu're Welcome, aka Kyuden Mutsugorou, aka Fishy Business)
Week 113 - Go Fish (aka Like Fishes in a Barrel, aka Tsu Tale, aka You Can be the Tsu, aka Honor Lies Beneath the Scales, aka I'll Tsu You)

Ring scenarios - Wise Teacher's Riddle
Week 114 - Both Feet on the Ground (aka For a Handfull of Earth, aka For a Handfull of Dirt)

Week 115 - Water Way to Go (aka Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, aka A Cup of Water in the Sea)

Week 116 - Ring of Fire (aka Candle in the Dark, aka Purity of Fire)
Week 117 - The Last Breath
Week 118 - Nothing is Everything at Once

Request A Scenario
Week 119

Week 120

Week 121
Week 122
Week 122.5

Battle scenarios
Week 123 - Correspondence Course

Week 124 - Indecent Proposal

Week 125 - Pick Your Fights Carefully
Week 126 - Takuya's Exploits (aka Shutaro's Sister)

Gaijin scenarios
Week 127 - Prefect Strangers (aka Foreign Relatives)

Week 128 - Culture Shock

Week 129 - Revolutionary (aka Marco Polo, aka Strange Days)
Week 130 - A Jaunting Intimacy (aka The Journey of a Lifetime, aka The Greatest Adventure, aka The Longest Journey, aka Strangers in a Strange Land)
Week 131 - Bad Blood (aka Dining Out)

Nemuranai scenarios
Week 132 - Who Shawl Help Me (aka Bad Luck Charm, aka Silken Sorrows)

Week 133 - Items of Consequence (aka Government Property)

Week 134
Week 135 - I, Karakuri (aka Ghost In the Machine, aka Ghost in the Shell, aka The Tea Bearer, aka Left To His Own Devices)

Murder scenarios
Week 136 - The Evil Within (aka Pawn of Myself)

Week 137 - Reaching Out From the Grave

Week 138 - Occult Murders
Week 139 - Jakku, the Ripper

Winter Court scenarios part 3
Week 140 - Rokugani Whispers (aka First Impressions)

Week 141 - Everybody's Crazy About a Shy Dressed Samurai! (aka Clothes make the Man or Woman, aka Colors of Choice)

Week 142 - Who Was That Masked Man? (aka The Name Game!)
Week 143 - Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
Week 144 - Mission: Winter Court
Week 145
Week 146 - The Loyal Servant
Week 147 - Presents
Week 148 - Yobisuke Who? (aka Aw, I Wanted to Meet Someone Important, aka The Devil You Know)
Week 149 - Who Are You People Anyway?
Week 150
Week 151 - When in Rome
Week 152

Imperial Family scenarios - Snowflake Villa
Week 153 - Oh Miya My! (aka Three Pretty Women Means Run For the Hills!)

Week 154 - The Trouble With Siblings

Week 155 - The Boys of Winter
Week 156
Supplementary HWY - The Unwanted Harem

Crab Clan scenarios - Stillborn Barracks
Week 157 - Between the Wall and a Hard Place

Week 158 - Wall of Suspicion

Week 159 - Old Hida Never Die. They Just Fade Away.
Week 160
Supplementary HWY - Red vs Blue

Crane Clan scenarios - The City of Art
Week 161 - Bohemian Samurai

Week 162 - Fading Legacy (aka Window to the Past)

Week 163 - Labor of Love
Week 164 - The Fast and the Festive
Supplementary HWY - Back to School

Phoenix Clan scenarios - Impossible Village
Week 165 - The Blob

Week 166 - Under the Influence (aka The Haunted House)

Week 167 - The Call of Blood
Week 168
Week 169 - What Dreams May Come
Supplementary HWY - Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Scorpion Clan scenarios - The Handsome Villain's Amusement Quarter
Week 170 - Sincere Hospitality (aka An Offer You Can't Refuse aka Two Sides of the Same Koku aka A Koku From Two Sides)

Week 171 - Hope From Death

Week 172
Week 173

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I'm sorry. They are. I only meant that as a list of what I have. PM me your email and I'll send them to you or would you rather I share them through google drive?

Edited by Dax Thura

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On 2/8/2017 at 0:01 AM, Dax Thura said:

So it's been kind of like 2 months and I'm still very eager to get this into my hands. You make any progress yet? :unsure:

Sorry, Dax. After finals, life turned toward job searching (and the search goes on), plus my computer took a nosedive. This is still on my to-do list, it just got pushed way down. I'll do my best to come up with something soon.

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On 1/12/2016 at 8:07 AM, Dax Thura said:

Pirate Spice, I have Isawa Nazomitsu's works up to #181 saved. I even put forth a little effort to put them into sad, pale imitations of your collections of his work. I did not finish, though. Numbers 119 through 122 where Isawa Nazomitsu did scenario requests are saved, though not compiled.

They are all yours if would like.

I'm interested in these CFS's works up to #181. I'm posting a CFS weekly at DFG de Isawa Nazomitsu and creating the spanish version of Pirate Spice's collection in pdf. Of course, all credit to Isawa Nazomitsu and Pirate Spice.

Could you please share these CFS? (#111 up to #181+) Are there more?

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I'm back with the translation of these CFS yes, pure maho. Anyone could help me to sort out the entries? I can send you my actual list and the CFS entries unknown.

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