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Shortest investigator lifespans ever

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The Handyman confronts Rhan-Tegoth epic monster in Arkham. The rumor is going to go off next reckoning (all investigators lose 6 health). Handyman fails to finish off Rhan, dies to the other monsters piled onto the gate.

Draw Ursula Downs as a replacement investigator. Immediately go into that turn's mythos phase. It's a reckoning. Ursula dies to the Rhan-Tegoth rumor without even getting a turn.

Draw The Sailor as a replacement investigator. The mythos card effects says to resolve the reckoning effect of every monster twice. A hunting horror zeroes in on The Sailor, attacking him twice and driving him insane.

A new record. One player going through 3 investigator deaths in a single turn, 2 of them not even getting to move before dying in the same phase.

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