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The Black Crusade - OCTGN League - Winter 2016 Registration is OPEN!!!

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Registration for the Winter 2016 Season of The Black Crusade is now open! Please click the link below for this season's introduction and instructions on how to sign up!


This past fall the Imperium of Man and Xenos alike tried to wrest control of the Traxis sector away from Packmaster Kith but were unsuccessful. The tendrils of a new Hive Fleet made contact as well but were repelled. The great Ork WAAAGH of 2015 has sputtered out, the greenskins unable to establish any meaningful foothold anywhere in the sector. But Imperial servitors spotted a warpstorm near Sacaellum. A mighty spacehulk was seen emerging from the immaterium, headed towards the planet. Reports persist that more denizens of the warp are slowing pouring forth from that awful tear in reality. Some in the Imperium even fear the worst: The Black Crusade has commenced....


Announcing 2 different levels of prizes this year:
1) Participation prizes: Custom alt art Warlords!
2) Top 8 prizes: Custom alt art Planets!

*Both the Warlords and Planets are professionally printed on extra thick 16-point card stock and will fit in standard size card sleeves.



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