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Corvette Demolition Derby?

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In need of a quick game mode, and owning 3 corvettes from each side, I cooked up a quick game mode of 3v3 corvettes each with a small mix of upgrade cards. While it lasted it was actually kind of fun!


I didn't have any rules really going into this, but some thoughts:

Three Raiders or three CR-90s only. Either version will be good and you can mix the versions. No other craft or fighters.


You must still pick an Admiral as normal.


Pick one upgrade category. Every ship can use an upgrade card from that category. For every other upgrade card, only one upgrade card of each type can be equipped.


For example a CR-90A list may choose Turbolasers as their upgrades, equipping TRCs on all ships. But each ship cannot pick identical upgrade slots, so that CR-90 group chooses Raymus, ECMs, and Engine Techs.


The player can also choose a CR-90B and take an ion cannon in the list above.


No point limit? At least so far.


Once all the lists are build, select one of three random objectives: contested outpost, Intel Sweep, or Fire Lanes. Alternate initiative, starting with flipping a coin.


Use only three obstacles. 3x3 play space?


As a fun variant, perhaps try two MC30s vs Gladiators under the same rules as above.



So... what do you think?

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Since they're so fast & maneuverable (at least compared to frigates & cruisers), it's almost like a game of X-Wing. I'd probably allow any of the objectives, though.


Some of the scenarios from X-Wing could also be imported without too much difficulty, I'd imagine.

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I just threw together two three-corvette lists with a few expensive upgrades according to the rules above. Rebels come out to 206 while the empire comes out to 228. So maybe 230 as a points ceailing?


I like the idea of adding in Rouge squadrons to the mix as well, but I don't know what kind of rules should be used to govern that. A maximum of two?

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