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Why TFA is demonstrably better than ROTJ (spoilers!)

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best AND ONLY! transformer movie is from 1986.

no movie was made after that.. *repeats his mantra*

meh.. youtube, germany.. legal sh*t..

I can't play the theme by "Lion" :-/

but found this, also quite nice ;)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g-MAtFzksU&list=PLBJ3CM_YtgmxRr6pA0E-8xruIsC76RWDL

now, that's more like it :D:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOhnKIVLzOwugly_rock.gif

If the had the magic of friendship Unicron would have been done for much faster =p Anyway I didn't like that movie very much, its the events in the middle of it that sucks, to me at least.

I think the best Transformers thing ever is Fall of Cybertron. Combaticons!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What, nobody complained that Transformers:the movie:the 1986 was a rehash of ANH? It's even got a pink a white girl robot with Leia buns, a wise mentor cut down by the bad guy and a planet destroying thingy that gets blown up by the mcguffin. OMG!

It even had Annie/Jar-Jar COMBINED in the travesty that was Daniel... Although I will go on record saying that I have spent my life wishing for his hoverboard WAY, WAY more than Marty McFly's... Just sayin'...

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