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Expansion: Gods & Merchants

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This is the project for a new mini expansion, Gods & Merchants. The purpose of this expansion is adding new cards which can be "acquired" by the characters.

This expansion adds:

 > New shop cards for the existing shop decks. I only added new cards to the shop decks where you can pick and choose what you buy, so that even if the printed custom cards look different from the official ones, it won't create any problem.

 > A new shop deck (the Wood Item deck), selling a variety of wooden items. This deck will be especially useful for players not playing with The City expansion, as it adds variety to the purchasable items without adding a new Region.

 > An entirely new mechanic: Patron cards, which represent the gods a character may worship.


I would greatly appreciate any feedback (especially, but not limited to, the prices of each new shop card!).



The Rules

New Shop Cards

This expansion introduces 3 new cards for each of the following shop decks: Armoury, Magic Emporium, Purchase, and Stables. They may be purchased at the following places for the following prices.



Bastard Sword – 2G
Rapier – 4G
Crossbow – 5G

Blacksmith (Village)
Dagger – 1G
Warhammer – 4G
Golem – 5G

Magic Emporium
Amulet – 3G
Magic Pouch – 4G
Mage Armour – 5G

Pony – 3G
Pegasus – 4G
Riding Direwolf – 5G


New card type: Mount
Mounts are special Followers that appear in this expansion and are distinguished with a Mount keyword printed above the card's special ability. When playing with this expansions, the Riding Horse and the Warhorse cards must also be treated as Mounts.
Mounts are treated in all respects like normal Followers, except that only one Mount may be used by a character per round. When a character uses one of his Mount cards, he may not use another until the start of his next turn. The same Mount card may be used as many times as the player wishes (unless otherwise indicated by the card itself).

Wood Item Deck

The Wood Item deck is an additional shop deck. No expansion is required to use the Wood Item deck in your game. The only exception is the Seed of Father Tree Object, which requires Terrain Cards from The Firelands expansion.

Purchasing a Wood Item
Cards from the Wood Item deck may be purchased at the Forest space, but only if a character did not roll a 1, 2, or 3 for the die roll required by the space.
Purchasing Wood Item cards is the last action that must be performed on the Forest space: a character must first encounter any cards on the space and roll the die for the Forest (unless he is not required to do so). If a character rolls a 2 or 3 for the Forest, he must still miss his next turn (i.e. not being able to buy Wood Item cards does not count as missing a turn).
Buying a Wood Item card is always optional; a character is not required to buy one even if he has gold to do so.



Wood Item prices
Dowsing Rod – 1G
Quarterstaff – 1G
Buckler – 2G
Spear – 2G
Elven Trinket – 3G
Seed of Father Tree – 3G
Darkwood Armour – 4G


Patron Deck
Acquiring and Losing a Patron
Before praying, if a character has no Patron, he may take 1 available Patron card of his choice from the Patron deck. A character may have only one Patron card at any time.
A character's alignment must match his Patron's. If a character changes alignment during the course of the game, he must immediately discard his Patron card.
Patron cards are not considered Objects, Spells, or Followers. Therefore, they cannot be discarded, ditched, stolen, sold, or traded, unless an effect specifically refers to Patron cards. A discarded Patron card is returned to the bottom of the Patron deck and becomes available again.

Optional rule: The Priest character begins the game with 1 Patron card of his choice.

A Patron card has two effects:

1. The character may not perform a certain action so long as he has a Patron. Every time he could or should perform the forbidden action described on his Patron card, the character must pray his patron instead.
When praying your patron, you roll 2 dice and use the same results as at the Temple, with the following exceptions:

  • On a roll of 2, 3, or 4, in addition to the normal effects, you must also discard your Patron card.
  • On a roll of 5, there is no effect (you are not enslaved), but you may discard your Patron card.
  • On a roll of 10, instead of gaining a Talisman, you gain the effect detailed on your Patron card.

2. The character gains a special ability that he may use every time he lands on a specific board space. He must still resolve the instructions on the space as normal.


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Very intriguing. I like what I see.


Are you currently working on a cardback for the Patron deck?


Also, for the shop deck cards, there's meant to be 1 copy of each card in the respective decks?

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I'm currently using the unrevealed cardback for alignment cards I found on Strange Eons as a cardback for the Patron deck, but I'm not really satisfied with it. I will probably work on something before the final release (possibly a mixture of all three alignment symbols).



No, there are meant to be more than 1 copy of each shop cards. But you are right, I wasn't clear about that, sorry.


Armoury: 2x Bastard Swords, 2x Rapiers, 2x Crossbows.

Magic Emporium: 3x Amulet, 3x Magic Pouch, 2x Mage Armour.

Purchase: 4x Daggers, 4x Warhammer, 1x Golem.

Stables: 2x Ponies, 2x Pegasi, 2x Riding Direwolves.

Wood Item: 3x Dowsing Rods, 3x Quarterstaves, 3x Bucklers, 3x Spears, 3x Elven Trinkets, 3x Seeds of Father Tree, 3x Darkwood Armour.

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