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Worth picking up if you already own 2nd edition?

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Fury of Dracula is one of my favorite board games. It kinda has a special place for me as it is the board game that got me into the board gaming hobby. Is upgrading to 3rd edition worth it if you're happy with 2nd edition?


What does 3rd edition improve upon? 


Thanks in advance! :)

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Some changes between editions:


a) Complete overhaul of the combat system. No die rolls. Card cancellation system has some connections to 2nd edition, but streamlined and sometimes both sides hit.

b) Combat with Vampires (encounters) as well as Dracula.

c) Initiator of combat usually fights at a disadvantage (hunter at night, Dracula at day).

2) REGIONS - the map is divided into 7 regions. Cards and abilities may tell whether Dracula is in a region.

3) TURN SEQUENCE - rather than 2nd Eds week of day, then week of night, every weekday has a DAY and NIGHT turn phase.

4) ENCOUNTERS - the information needed to place and resolve the encounter is right on the encounter CARD - no need to look up the chit pic in the rulebook.

5) EVENTS - Some of the random overpowered events have been removed: no Dracula teleport and no auto-cancellation of other sides events.

6) CHARACTER ABILITIES - each of the hunters has a special ability which differentiates them more. Mina's ability to scan regions especially stands out.

7) FURY OF DRACULA ability -- starting week 4, Dracula gets points just for moving to a new (non-sea) city. This puts a clock on the endgame.

8) STREAMLINING. In lots of little ways, the game has been streamlined so that 5 hour marathons should not happen, and 2 hour games are possible.

9) RAIL MOVEMENT: a ticket system has replaced die roll movement by rail. This is hailed by most as improving a frustrating and random 2nd ed. flaw.


How Dracula moves is almost unchanged from 2nd edition, though slight changes in his power cards (see MISDIRECT) open up more options to move. Slight changes in the map also have some impact.


Those are the things I can think of immediately. I have 2nd edition, which I found hard to get on the table due to length and need to play through to understand opaque combat system. I bought 3rd edition because I believe it fixes a lot of the things that either I didn't like or found to be impediments to getting other people to try the game.

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