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Imperial campaign ideas?

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All-in-all, an Imperial game is FUN, but you’re likely going to have to make extensive modification to the setting.  For us, that wasn’t a big deal because we tend to do that anyways. For us, Star Wars works for us in a 2 hour pulp film but there’s a lot of questions that come up in a world-building context that really don’t lend itself that well to the default black-and-white morality in our eyes.


So true - what makes for "good" cinema doesn't always make for good RPG material. 



I do think it takes some deviation from cannon to make the Empire into something other than an objectively bad organization.  It's founded and run on objectively bad principles, and as long as canon Palpatine is in charge, it will be objectively bad.  Fighting for the canon Empire and yet not actively fighting for outright evil is walking a tightrope of pretty epic proportions. 

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Last time I played Star Wars (almost 20 years ago, I think?), my friend that was the GM had a good summary of how Star Wars was different in his game, and if I GM it I will adopt his changes. He said "Remember in Episode IV when Han says they should turn and fight? In my universe, they did. So they were all vaporized."

That eliminated the problem of the PC's not being the "stars" of the game, too.

Playing as an Imperial soldier/pilot/stormtrooper could be interesting and fun. Too much depends on the GM and other players, though. Personally I'd have no problem sticking with it and following whatever order, if that's the kind of thing my character would do. Burn some moisture farmers? No problem. Destroy a planet? You got it.

But I also tend to play rogues or mercenary fighters in D&D, Pathfinder, etc.

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