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Confused about how Foul Fate is handled

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I'm confused about Foul Fate. I hope someone can straighten them out.

When does a Foul Fate land on a player's character card?

How does it come off?


When is a Foul Fate card drawn?

If a region has both a monster and a Foul Fate token on it, does the player have to deal with both, or his choice between the two?

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1) Foul Fate tokens are placed on your card when a) you chose to encounter a Foul Fate token on the board (either because you choose to encounter the token instead of a monster, or there are no monsters and only a Foul Fate token), or b) some card event forces you to place a Foul Fate token on your sheet.

2) A Foul Fate token will be removed when you choose to use that action on your card. You will:

 a) choose that action

 b) remove the token\

 c) draw a Foul Fate card

 d) resolve the card

 e) continue with your previous action.

3) See part c of step 2 above

4) You have a choice of either encountering the Foul Fate token, or the monster. It is 100% your call.


I hope this helps, if you need any other help please let me know.

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