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Barry Harker

Scum & Villainy in.....The Force Awakens !

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I actually do consider Clones to have some claim to the title "Mandalorian".

Let's not forget who trained them.

Aren't they taught via mind-flash direct memory transition?


and Mandalorian isn't just training,

It's more than our religion.

It's the only way to live.

But the enemies of Mando

we can't forgive!


*I'll make a photoshopped version of Manowar standing in armoured trousers in T-vizor helms when I get home*

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There were also (several) bounty hunter providing them live combat training.


And yes, it'd be nice to see some elements of the criminal underworld - Scum & Villainy as a group is an important part of "star wars feeling like star wars".


We don't need to have Boba himself, but the Mandalorians are enough of a cultural thing that seeing a nod to them - even if not seeing one in person - is right.


And actually, I have to say, I liked the Mandalorians in the Clone Wars. Having got annoyed a bit with the pacifist lemur-people early on, it was kind of nice to see people who'd gone down the Shaolin-Monk-pacifist route: "I am a pacifist. I do not seek a war but am perfectly capable of kicking the ever-loving gak out of you if you start anything..."


Plus the Deathwatch were cool.

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I want to say FFG were the ones that first started using the Mandalorian symbol for generic Scum and Villainy factions.  I've seen it in the LCG and Imperial Assault as well.



It's a Mythosaur skull, a Mandalorian sigil, and it irritates me to no end that FFG picked it to use for the S/V faction symbol.

Wizards of the Coast also used that symbol for their mercenary faction in the Star Wars Miniatures Game. When they finally added Mandalorians as a separate faction, they were locked into that symbol and ended up using the Mythosaur for both factions. They only altered the colors between the two factions.

Yes, specifically the faction was known as "Fringe" and those pieces could be intermixed with whatever faction you were using.

In addition to changing the color of the symbol when they introduced the "Mandalorian" faction, WotC also modified the positioning of what I believe are horns from the mythosaur skull.

Seeing as the symbol is found on Boba Fett's shoulder of his armor it's not surprising to see it pop up frequently including on t-shirts and other merch.

Scum and Villainy itself is just a name that made sense for a catch all faction of pirates, bounty hunters and other mercenaries. From canon it's part of a quote and nothing more. I can't imagine the term Scum and Villainy being used to name a specific group of characters in the films unless it gets used as a descriptor again.

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